Past Highlights

The list of past highlights are split up into two sections, Fan Art and Fan Fiction. Within each section, highlights are arranged alphabetically by the artist or author name.

Fan Art

Work Highlighted
Christ Oliver A portrait of Daria sitting in front of a window in her room, staring off into space. October 3, 2004
Galen Hardesty Illustration of a scene from Galen's fanfic "The Beaches of Barksdale." July 10, 2005
Katie Cook A drawing of Trent as James Bond, with Bond-girl Daria at his side. May 23, 2005
PeteM A piece of fan art depicting Daria and Jane walking down the hallway together, holding hands. September 3, 2006
SRA With a little help from Daria and Jane Blues, Mystik Spiral plays to a sellout crowd. Illustration of a scene from "The Blues Others" by Mike Yamiolkoski. February 12, 2006

Fan Fiction

Work Highlighted
Brother Grimace In response to CINCGREEN’s ‘Fanfic Throwdown’, this story is an alternate universe take on the events of ‘Esteemsters’ and Jane’s track career. March 27, 2005
Jon Kilner Esteemsters from Jane's point of view. April 16, 2006
Mike Yamiolkoski During a power failure, Jane gets stuck in an elevator with Sandi. January 23, 2005
Rey Fox A hilarious Space Ghost: Coast To Coast crossover in which Jane and Daria pay Space Ghost and his crew a little visit. November 21, 2004
Robert Nowall Who is this person having breakfast with the Morgendorffers? September 13, 2005