Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#103 (1-03), "College Bored"

MDRR #103 (1-03)

Fantastic Voyage - The fantasies of the various student in the SAT class (were they even talking about the SAT's anyway) were amusing. None of them were directly about going to college but most high school kids probably think that way about college. Daria seems to have a dark view on going to college here, even the administrator in her fantasy was a jerk (most of them are, but most people are cool in your own fantasies).

Poor Preparation - Daria isn't a senior in high school yet, so it is still a bit premature for Jake and Helen to feel bad about not college searching yet. Hey, I waited until January of my Senior year to submit applications and I think I turned out all right. Three years old is a bit too early to worry about admissions to college (maybe not for college funding:) and Jake and Helen shouldn't feel too bad about it.

College Boring - I know that there are some shady individuals at our fine colleges and universities but the ones at Middleton take the cake. Does anyone go to class or do their own work there. No one there really seems to want to be there for the right reasons. By the way, if you ever meet any stranger that eager to ask for your underware, he shouldn't be too hard to catch because of his enormous balls.

College Inaccurate - Most of the things about college life in this episode are exaggerated, except maybe the thing about bad checks. While cheating is a big problem on most campuses, I can tell you that most of us don't buy our term papers, we get our smart roommates to write them for us for the exact reason Daria stated- those mailed in ones are bad. All kidding aside (I was kidding about the cheating), anyone who hasn't got to college yet (and is intending to) shouldn't expect people there to be that bad, except maybe the fraternities and sororities (kidding!!).

I think that the fantasy sequence is the best of Daria so far. However, this episode was only OK. It had its funny moments and the plot flowed well but the inaccuracies in college life were for me were too big (being a college student).

Grade: B-

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