Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#104 (1-04), "Cafe Disaffecto"

MDRR #104 (1-04)

Mocking the Cyber-Public - Daria takes a swing at the cyber-public (i.e. us) while she talked about the destruction of the cyber cafe. A lot of what she said could be true in extreme cases (which are plentiful) but I would hope this isn't directed at us.

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin - What are we going to do with this boy? This episode was his turn to be the dufus ("The Invitation" was Brittany's). He asked Daria if she is a 'chick.' He had an unholy obsession with that skull. He thought he was being accused (more like confused) of breaking into the cyber cafe. How did this guy make it to high school? I know, he's a good football player.

Blackmail - Maybe blackmail is too strong a word, coercion is more like it. Helen coerces Daria to into joining an activity with the threat of music camp. Daria coerced Jane into going fund raising with the promise of being to look inside people's houses. Jane sort of got her back when Daria was convinced to read one of her writings (which turned out to be the perfect elixir). And finally, Daria really did a job on the football team. What did she say to her father at the end? We need to be vigilant against people who would force us into actions we would never take on our own. She understands that too well.

The Ethics of Fund Raising - Miss Li doesn't exactly have her priorities in order, in other words she's a bit money-grubbing. At least Daria and Jane understand you can't harm your customers even if they want it (they're not drug dealers, for god's sake). It was a catch-22 for the 'girls,' if they don't sell the chocolate, they get in trouble; if they do the fat woman probably dies. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

This was a great episode. Very funny and it does point out some of the hypocrisy of high school fund raising at all costs. I didn't mention it above, but the fund raising attempt of Kevin and Brittany was very amusing. Jane does what a lot of people do ("We should do something") - take a picture.

Grade: A-

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