Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#105 (1-05), "Malled"

MDRR #105 (1-05)

How Big is Too Big? - How big do the malls have to be these days? In my area we have a mall that is like the Mall of the Millennium (at King of Prussia) and I have visited it on numerous occasions and I don't see the appeal of these huge malls (King of Prussia is so big that some stores have multiple locations in various places throughout the mall). I got lost and couldn't find anything that might have remotely interested me since there were too many stores.

Field Trip? - Even though Miss Li wasn't in this episode, it shows that she may be losing her grip on Lawndale High. I don't know of any principal that would allow or approve of a school trip to a mall (well maybe the one in Washington D.C. ;). It would be worse for her authority, if she didn't even know where they were going on the trip.

Bus Ride from Hell - Who said getting there is half the fun? Once they got on the bus almost every annoyance that could happen, did happen. Kevin singing "99 bottles of beer on the wall," Upchuck harassing the female class members and Brittany's working up a 'sweat' and her lame cheer could make anyone want to be sick.

Kevin Getting Beat On - For the first time we see some trouble in football-land (but not much). Most of the bus ride Brittany is either ordering Kevin too stop something or she was hitting him. Of course, they were making out, too; but there could be trouble in the future (that statement is a little bias).

OK, I'll admit that a lot of this episode doesn't make much sense but that is why I liked it. There was a good plot in there even if it wasn't very obvious (conflict: going to the mall; solution: getting away with 'Guy'). I'm not surprised that Daria and Quinn didn't want to go back to the 'Super Mall' (Jake and Helen probably didn't know that either of them was there). I would agree with Daria and not want to go even once.

Grade: A-

Daria as a Whole - The scene at the food court (start of Act III) with Quinn and the fashion club discussing their 'community service' is the first situation of its kind (but definitely not the last). Quinn has a 'good' idea and Sandi gives her a backhanded compliment. Sandi suggests her own impeachment (yeah right) and Quinn says that she couldn't replace her. Ladies begin the hostilities.

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