Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#106 (1-06), "This Year's Model"

MDRR #106 (1-06)

Fashion Thugs vs. Drug Dealers - Dare and Jane were right, they're not necessarily against people trying to become models but do they really have to hold a class at the school, itself. It's almost as if the people who make the decisions at Lawndale don't think their students are good enough to get 'real' jobs and this is their best chance they have of making it. (Sarcasm Alert) I guess those test scores are through the roof!

Misguided Priorities - While on the subject, what school needs bullet proof skylights for their swimming pool (I would love to hear the story behind that one, sounds interesting)? It's good that they want to make some money for the school but if the skylights are the most vital need they have then they don't need the money that badly. The way they tried to get the money was equally dubious. Since when can someone like Claud or Romanica interrupt and take over a class unannounced (Don't everyone jump on this- my point is that they weren't supposed to do that and they didn't suffer any consequences).

Strong Feelings - The fashion thugs did really get to Daria. She actually had to vent and (gasp) talk to her parents. Helen said as much in the conversation. Daria had her typical reaction when they agreed, she said she would reconsider her position (a joke, I think). The kicker was that Helen pities the parents of kids sucked into all the hoopla. Like we need more self pity.

Lifelong Dreams - Brittany has a lot of 'lifelong dreams' besides being a model. Being Kevin's girlfriend (which turned sour later in the episode), winning the high school cheerleading championships and helping starving children round out the list. I don't really have anything else to point out here, I just thought it was funny to see her confusion over her innermost dreams.

Twisted Ending - This time while I was watching, I knew it was coming but the first time I saw this episode I was confused at how the modeling thing was resolved. It was clever how Daria used (supposedly) Miss Li's deal with the modeling agency to make it look like she was selling out the school to anyone with a little bit of money. But the mercenaries were out of place and it felt like they didn't quite know how to end the show.

I'm not a big fan of the fashion type Quinn-centric episodes like this one because frankly I don't and can't understand this sort of thing. Don't get me wrong there were a lot of funny moments throughout the entire episode but they didn't really mesh the plot together. It was good to see Miss Li backed into an inescapable corner by the war mongers (she couldn't deny it since she did let the models in; I'm not of big fan of her's anyway). Overall, I was bored.

Grade: C+

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