Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#109 (1-09), "Too Cute"

MDRR #109 (1-09)

Insecure - With Dr. Char preying on Quinn and the fashion club and attempting to woo Daria, one thing that could have slipped past everyone is Helen's insecurity. During a conversation about Brooke's nose job, she plunged herself into a tirade about how women are judged more by their looks than men (which is true, but beside the point) that ended with her contemplating getting a boob job.

Ugly Duckling - What is with all of the talk in this episode about Daria being ugly or hopelessly unattractive (I am aware that it was one of the jokes of the episode). Sure, she doesn't dress to flaunt any attractive attributes she may have but she still doesn't look that bad. despite the fact that she goes out of her way to hide it, she does have to have some 'natural beauty.'

Stay Out of the Shallow End - I'm not sure about the idea of think about something for a few seconds means your deep, but it does make some sense. There is some major friction between Sandi and Quinn in this episode. Quinn didn't really do anything to merit being cast out like she was but she also didn't do anything to dispute the 'shallow' label, either. She did take up a collection for her plastic surgery, you know.

Sisterly Love - Daria finally caved and told Quinn what she probably thought all along, that she is perfect, physically anyway. Quinn thinks that Daria is just playing one of her games, but she is being as sincere as she can be about anything involving Quinn. Under all of that hostile posturing is a whole bunch of caring. Damn conscience!

Like I said before, and I quote Austin Powers, "this sort of thing ain't my bag, baby." I'm not a fan of the fashion club heavy episodes and this one is no different for me. It has a good moral and does a decent job of getting it out(don't worry about your looks or how others see you). However; personally, I can't really relate to much of what I saw.

Grade: C+

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