Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#111 (1-11), "Road Worrier"

MDRR #111 (1-11)

Speechless - Daria has a lot of witty comebacks to things that Trent and Jesse were doing but she was afraid to say any of them out loud. How often is she afraid to say anything? Not often. Jane trying to 'pick up the slack' was admirable but should have come sooner. When Daria finally does let out a zinger, she is met with an unexpected response: laughter.

Needy Lovebirds - Jake and Helen were very eager to spend some quality private time together. They seem to be getting some of that 'spice' back already. They did get sappy (with the pancakes) but that is there nature. And Daria thinks nothing ever happens at home.

Glue Gun - I get the impression that, if she could, Jane would use her glue gun to glue Trent and Daria together. Daria almost was aware of this when she said "don't point that thing at me." She wants to hook up with Trent but doesn't want Jane in the middle of it. The actual glue gun did turn out to be useful in fixing the 'tank.'

Van Ride from Hell (or is that Heaven?) - A four hour trip with Trent wasn't very appealing to Daria. It didn't start out too well for Daria at first, either; with bumping her head, sitting on the antique sandwich, getting stung by a bee and breaking her glasses. She started to open up a little when told that peeing in the woods is almost heroic to the members of Mystik Spiral. Then she got to spend some 'quality time' with Trent and had a nice conversation with him and became more comfortable with him.

Listen to Your Sister - Daria actually took some fashion advice from Quinn. It happened when Quinn asked her something like "you're not going to leave that tucked, are you?" about her black shirt. The next time we saw Daria, her shirt was not tucked in. I'm surprised that Daria took the advice, but I guess she knows what her sister is good for.

This episode was another good one. I loved the way that Daria was thrust into yet another situation she wanted nothing to do with (but went along with anyway). She coped with everything that happened in her typical manner. Did you really think that she wanted to go to Alternapalooza, anyway?

Grade: A-

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