Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#113 (1-13), "The Misery Chick"

MDRR #113 (1-13)

It Really Makes You Think - I guess I'm not that surprised that everyone in Lawndale thinks that Daria is good with the dark side of life. I think that label is unwarranted, but that poker face could definitely give someone the wrong impression. Helen is right, people do judge you based on your facial expressions to a certain extent. If you almost never smile, you're considered miserable.

Non Thinkers - Jane doesn't want to think, so she avoids the most thoughtful person she knows. Her assessment hit the nail right on the head- the others don't usually think so when they are forced to think (through the death of a 'local hero'), they look right to someone they know to be a thinker to see how they cope. They're miserable because they're not smiling.

Jerk of the Millennium - Tommy Sherman was a jerk but only marginally deserved to be crushed by a falling goalpost. He brought out the worst in everyone he came across (except Kevin, who had no idea what was going on); even Jodie, who is usually even tempered, was made upset just by his presence (and having to write that speech for him). He didn't have to work very hard to get like this, most people who are this way were always this way and probably will always be this way. On the plus side, he was a hero for the rest of his life.

Random Act of Kindness - Trent did a good deed for both Daria and Jane by telling Daria to just go up to Jane's room. He must have realized that his sister was trying to avoid Daria and that that probably wasn't the best thing for either of them. Eventually, they would have to face each other and the longer it takes the more their friendship would suffer. It's good that stuff like this doesn't make Trent think.

Mystik Powers - People dying at my whim would be too much responsibility for me to handle. It was more of a coincidence for Daria and Jane than anything but it was a weird coincidence.

This was a very thoughtful episode. Most 'mainstream' animation would never take a plot about someone losing their life this seriously. I liked the advice "find another way to feel and then you won't feel bad" (words to live by). My only complaint is that "The Misery Chick" didn't feel much like the season finale that it was supposed to be.

Grade: B+

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