Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#203 (2-16), "Quinn the Brain"

MDRR #203 (2-16)

Not a Clue - Did Mr. O'Niell actually go to school to become a teacher, or did Miss Li just find him on the nearest street corner. First, he gave Quinn a good grade while she used words that don't really exist, like 'imprisoners,' and then he didn't even know that Daria and Quinn are sisters (how many different Morgendorffers could there possibly be at Lawndale. My guess:2). The only non-idiotic thing that he said was that he was sure that Quinn didn't copy the essay that got her into trouble.

Backup Singers - Who has more experience at parenting (this stuff about parenting seems to be a running theme of the series)- Jake or Helen? It doesn't really matter here since neither of them can get through to Quinn about the importance of doing well in school. A little bit of constructive threatening from Daria ("you'll be the oldest freshman at Lawndale") lights the proverbial fire under her ass. Maybe she was held back before and didn't like it too much.

Unapproachable - The fashion club as well as Quinn's fan club treat Daria like she's the Wizard of freakin' Oz. They are all supposedly so tough (especially Sandi) but none of them could get off more than a sentence before they give up. Spineless Jellyfish!!! At least they were using their 'brains' in trying to solve their own little problems.

A Scary, But Necessary Evil - Daria knew all along how she could stop Quinn's new found 'braininess' but couldn't bring herself to do it until the very end. I wonder why. If she thought it would work like it did (maybe she didn't; but based on the way she counted and waited for Quinn to run out, I think the scheme went exactly as planned), then no one else would ever see her dressed up like Quinn.

I had my doubts about Quinn the Brain during the first few minutes of the show. I was thinking things like "How is this Quinn as a brain thing going to hold up an entire episode?" and "Is this enough plot?" However, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the episode as a whole. Not a classic but definitely better than last week (A test pattern is better than The Daria Hunter).

Grade: B

Daria as a Whole - A trend that (in my eyes) has been present in the second season is that of Daria and Quinn 'finding common ground.' Quinn is becoming more like Daria in some respects and Daria is realizing that Quinn isn't all that bad (but she isn't really becoming Quinn), they're staring to become more empathetic to each other. I am well aware that this trend has turned some people off to the show (you know who you are- but probably aren't reading this anyway) but I see this as growth and at least I get the impression that they are going somewhere, that the characters aren't static and ever changing (and ergo, more interesting from my point of view).

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