Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#204 (2-17), "I Don't"

MDRR #204 (2-17)

Extended Family, Don't You Just love 'Em - I can see why Helen's mother wouldn't want to come to the wedding. Helen is trying to drink away all of the bad memories of Rita (is she alcoholic?). Then once she is drunk, she starts a chain reaction that sends the whole reception into chaos. Even the priest, I mean minister (who was fighting over Quinn- kind of unrelated), got into it. Helen was right about one thing- they were there to see her family, not have fun.

Bridesmaid? - Daria and Quinn were made bridesmaids because of Helen's mad rush to compete with her sister and not to be upstaged. And thus began the saga of the dress 'running gag.' At least three different (could be more, I didn't keep track) people ask her why she didn't get the same dress. Well, it wasn't really funny the first time, so why did it have to be repeated over and over again. Only one slightly funny remark came out of the whole dress thing and that involved Jane being buried in it. This just in to the newsroom.... those paintball thingies hurt.

Bridal Expo - What extracurricular activities could lead to marriage? Not many, I would imagine. Even if there were, do they really need the expo to be in the school. This is just another addition to the list of things that happen at Lawndale High that probably shouldn't (but probably do) happen at any high school anywhere: field trips to a mall and a paintball range and an on-campus modeling class.

Miscellaneous Notes - Daria goes back into story telling mode, first seen in Pinch Sitter, while spending time getting rid of the other bridesmaids (more on this below).... One of the first thing that Amy says to Daria is "I like the way you think." Miss Barch said the exact same thing to Daria back in The Lab Brat. Are the writers and creators of the show so desperate that they are even stealing from themselves (that would be trouble) or did this one just fall through the cracks? You be the judge.

I Don't was all right, but more of a parallel move than a move forward (from Quinn the Brain). It was good to see some of the neuroses of Helen's family and where Daria and Quinn's genes come from (I think Daria is more her father's daughter than anything, look at her scratch her ear just like Jake).

Grade: B

Daria as a Whole - Daria has shown three degrees of story telling (for different purposes) throughout the series; total truth, for the most part (for her own amusement or to pass the time in Fair Enough); some truth, some lies (to deprogram the Guptey's in Pinch Sitter); and total bull (to get rid of the other bridesmaids in I Don't). She is versatile in this respect (most people are capable of this). However, she is more willing than most to actually use this talent to this extent.

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