Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#205 (2-18), "That Was Then, This Is Dumb"

MDRR #205 (2-18)

Keeping Up With The Jones' - Helen and Jake tried so hard to look like they hadn't changed from their hippie days. Of course, they were well aware that they had changed and possibly had turned into 'the man' and grew away from the lifestyle. The ironic twist is that the Yeager's were the ones that had really become uncomfortable with whom they were- and turned into aggressive capitalists.

The Flea Market, It's All a Rich Tapestry - Well one thing is straight here; if Trent didn't know about the crush before, no matter how oblivious he is, he now has some idea that something is going on; because Daria Ďis gonna wait.í (maybe they'll live a life of voluntary simplicity in that secluded mountain shack)... While we're here, what is the deal with Upchuck? He's the joker, right. Daria and Jane must feel like a 'puke' magnet because everywhere they go, he shows up. The advice was not useful, but he was trained for free.

Sleep Thatís Where Iím a TV Critic - There seems to be a mini-theme in this episode involving sleep. There was Trent and Jesse staying up all night just to fall asleep at the flea market. Then, Ethan said that 'he thought it was lunch time' and is going back to sleep. I don't quite know the significance of it. Maybe, it has something to do with a commentary on the tired aspects of the hippie lifestyle:) (In my best Sienfeld voice) What's the deal, I'd like to know?

Quinn, Quinn, Quinn - Quinn tries push her scrawny little butt into everything in this episode. With the possibility of a reward, getting information to influence her parents and meeting Ethan; her date wasn't so important anymore (she got Stacy to fill in; must be some sort of food-chain-of-command within the fashion club). But she remained like an annoying little complement seeker that she is most of the time.

On rewatching, this episode wasn't as bad as I originally thought. Sure, the 'blast from the past' thing was interesting especially the fact that Helen and Jake changed so completely (or radically) in such a short period of time (the meet didn't make Jake aggressive, however). Besides, anything that takes a crack at trekkies, can't be that bad.


Grade: B-

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