Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#211 (2-24), "See Jane Run"

MDRR #211 (2-24)

Fashion Faux Pas - It took Quinn a while to figure out that the hot legs shoes made her feet really hurt. She said that she changed them because her legs were hot anyway, but we all know why she really changed them (they hurt!!!). It was ironic that Quinn walked in with those shoes just when Helen said that 'no daughter' of hers would do things to only please men.

Continuity of the Week - It was good to see that they didn't forget Jane's enjoyment of running (a la The Misery Chick) and her status as a straight C math student. We get to see how upset Mack gets when Kevin calls him Mack Daddy (does anyone else get the feeling that Kevin is the only person that calls him Mack Daddy? Or maybe Kevin the only one who is so annoying). They also remembered that Jane's sister Penny is out of the country and put it in the dialogue without beating us over the head with it.

Discontinuity of the Week- Jane usually sees right past the sort of charming routine Evan played on her to get her to join the track team (Daria saw through it). I almost thought she was playing along because she was a bit attracted to him.

What Is She, The Narrator? - Daria talking to herself was really very weird. It shows some real depth in her character, IMO. She has portrayed herself as a loner to almost everyone she has contact with, and that's how they see her- everyone's happy. However (and this is a big one), she has become so dependent on Jane as a social outlet that when Jane is absent for any lengthy amount of time, Daria starts talking to herself to fill the void. Daria either needs to get more close friends or accept the fact that Jane is going to do things that she doesn't agree with.

Friends for Life - Daria and Jane has some real intense tension going on in this episode. Daria is upset that Jane joined the track team ("but that's a sport") and tried to get academic gains from it. Jane is mad that Daria tried to humiliate her in front of someone she "appreciates." Then Daria is upset that Jane is gaining fashion club-like "popularity" because she's winning. Perhaps Daria was a bit jealous that Jane was getting all of that attention. Of course, the end of the show (standard for any 30 minute show) resolved the main conflict, but there was definitely conflict and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the tension resurfaces in the future.

Change of Character - It's funny how one's attitude toward something can change based upon how it will affect him or her. Jane was seemingly disgusted by Kevin getting a bye on a test, but when she is benefiting in the exactly the same way it becomes acceptable. It was good to see Jane realize that what she did was wrong, but it was also good to see some of that good old fashion human weakness.



There isn't much more I can say about this episode, it was good. Everything worked here (except maybe the splits, but that wasn't even bad for comic relief), even the title was fitting (Jane was "running" from Daria). The show touches on a possible hot topic of scholastic athletics about how some students are given "byes" from test/projects/etc. so they can compete and bring notoriety to their schools. Daria and Jane's friendship is tested like it hasn't been tested before. This one might be a truly classic episode.

Grade: A

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