Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#306 (3-33), "It Happened One Nut"

MDRR #306 (3-33)

Join the Workforce - Itís understandable that Daria would be apprehensive about getting a job. Most teenagers are. However, Daria is more concerned about getting the job Helen wants her to have (the one that requires personal interaction and helps her "career"). Remember Daria only smiles when she has a reason. It also seemed that her entire family was out to foil her plan to only look for a job. Quinn found a job at the first place she went and Jake actually got Daria a job (probably at Helenís urging). How does a high school job do anything for your career, except to motivate you to get one?

Slow Down There, Fellow - I would be remiss if I didnít mention Tiffanyís volunteer work. Daria said it all by mentioning that this situation was just "too ironic." No matter how slow she went, the fact that she can read at all is a minor miracle. I especially liked Dariaís attempts to finish the sentences because I do that all of the time (I get frustrated with even the shortest of pauses in a conversation, I donít know how I wouldíve handled this). There is no doubt in my mind that Tiffany is still sitting there, counseling away.

Self-References of the Week - Iím a big fan of self-referential humor (a lot of my humor is that way). So I liked the two self-references that I caught. The first is the whole "not smile unless I have a reason" thing. Daria had a reason, but it wasnít because she was happy. The second was Daria telling Jane that sheís already seen too many of Dariaís humiliating experiences. So have we. That was just too clever.

Not So Out of It - I was thinking of making the ĎTrent Oblivion Factorí one of the next Daria Theories, but he is being portrayed as much more perceptive, lately. It was Dariaís worst nightmare for Trent to see her working at the nut hut and as soon as he realized she was there, he respected her boundaries and didnít embarrass her. If you want oblivion, look no further than Jesse.

Nuts, Nuts, Nuts - Both Quinn and Daria may have fared better in their first attempt at working if they had gotten each otherís job. Dariaís responsibility is more suited for taking care of animals in the pet store environment. On the other hand, Quinnís bubbly personality could make for a happy nut dispenser (who wouldnít have bought $15 worth by not smiling). We all know she belongs in the nut house.

My Savior - Jane comes to the rescue again. She may have felt guilty that she couldnít stop Trent and Jesse from getting to the nut house (they were a bit single-minded Ė their brains were hijacked). That bit of guilt translated into convincing Helen that Daria was being oppressed. Brilliant.


It Happened One Nut didnít really make too much of an impact on me. Maybe it was just me, but this episode felt like it went right through me. It moved a bit too slow at times and some of the scenes seemed out of place (like the whole opening sequence with the career aptitude tests). The way that Jane and Daria related in this episode really worked (I would expect Daria to get mad in that situation). There were some very funny one-liners and visuals (like the three Jís running from the pet store screaming). To sum it up, I canít say it was bad, but I canít say it was good, either.

The Bottom Line - It went through me like a gallon of Mexican water (not that thatís always a bad thing).

Grade: B


Next Week - All of the Lanes return home to make up for all of those reunions they missed.

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