Mike's Delayed Reaction Review-#505 (5-58), "The Story of D"

MDRR #505 (5-58)

Something for the ĎToo Much Informationí File - It was nice to see (or should I say hear) some news about Erinís wedding from I Donít and Iím not too surprised that theyíre heading for divorce considering the great start of their marriage. But, do we really need to know who has herpes and who is too short?

Real Worthy - Inspired by the FashionVision Awards, Quinn and her colleagues decide to buy and dedicate a new girlsí bathroom mirror to something. Of course, they realized that they needed to raise some money in order to reach that goal and they did that in the best way they knew how - writing a "Fashion Forecast Newsletter." Surprisingly enough, they took this very seriously and seemed to try to do their best with it. Ultimately, all of their efforts were wasted (more on that later).

Stood Up! Meanwhile, in the realm of the not quite as vacuous, Daria forgot about her "date" at the movies with Jane. That was odd for her, but her reasons made sense - she was working on a short story that she was thinking about possibly "submitting somewhere" (and who hasnít gotten caught up in working on something important and then losing all track of time in the process). At first, Daria wouldnít let Jane read the story and Jane was under whelmed when she did. Now, that wasnít a good sign.

But I Was Using My Whole... - From Janeís comments, Daria started to doubt her ability as a writer. Her "mistake" was letting Jake know about it. His attempt to reassure and console her turned (fairly quickly, I might add) into a rant about how one of his instructors at military school didnít let him perform a show tune he wrote. He obsessed about it, even trying to perform his song for Daria. For the most part, he was no help (until the end, more on that later).

Disturbing Mental Image That Wonít Go Away of the Week - Whatever Miss Barch was talking about with that whole (and Iím paraphrasing here) "normal chit-chat among colleagues, fully clothed, with no oils involved" thing gave me the creeps. Indeed, no shower will ever wash that away <g>.

Oh My Lord! - And speaking of temporary obsessions, Helen was having a hard time (no pun intended) trusting Tom and Daria alone. I donít know what she thinks is going on up there. Daria and Tom are both smart enough that if they were going to do the things that Helen was worried about, they sure as heck wouldnít be doing them anywhere near her. Anyway, it was cute to see Helen nearly have a heart attack when she saw the "tell-tale smooch."

Support - And speaking of Tom, Jane thought it would be a good idea for him to read Dariaís story. He apparently enjoyed it, to the point where he convinced Daria to submit it to a magazine. Of course, he also told her no one would have to know about it. Well, that didnít last very long once Mr. OíNeill saw Daria at the post office. He canít be trusted with any secrets.

Sabotage - The Fashion Clubís efforts to raise money took a bunch of major hits. The first was, when Waifís "Whatís Hot, Whatís Rot" issue came out, they found out that everything they forecast was directly contradicted ("wrong" is probably too strong a word here). That was compounded by the fact that no one even bothered to read the newsletter in the first place. They ended up giving back all the money they made and while they werenít able to get that mirror to "reflect well on [them]" (a clever pun for Sandi), but they did get a plaque to show that they "really care."

Itís Part of Life - Musings rejected Dariaís story. That wasnít totally unexpected, nor was the fact that it upset her. However, she took it out on Tom because he encouraged her to try. She, as she has been prone to do, picked a fight with Tom because something else was wrong. Somehow she got the impression that he wants her to fail miserably (which just isnít the case). But the rejection she did get wasnít even the worst kind - her story just wasnít "right for us right now."

Sort of Dumb Luck - While Jake didnít directly do anything to help Daria, his actions did end up helping her. The fact that he never entirely gave up his song inspired her, even when he said that it sucked. That his "reach exceeded his grasp" was good for Daria to see. Thatís better than not realizing that it sucked. She saw that "on bad song (or in her case Ďbadí story) written when youíre a teenager" doesnít make him (or her) a failure. Itís all the other stuff that does (kidding).

The main theme of The Story of D to me was how the Morgendorffer family dealt with their obsessions. Quinn with her fashion forecast, Jake with his early attempt at songwriting, Helen with Dariaís sex life and Daria with her story. Oh and that little fear of rejection. Anyway, every one of them dealt with it in a different way and that made this episode very intriguing. Other than that, the amount of funny one line zingers made it even more enjoyable.

Grade: A-

Daria as a Whole #1, Turned the Corner? - Based on the way they interacted, Sandi and Quinn seemed to have really begun to actually like each other (as opposed to just pretending they do). I guess the changes from Fat Like Me seem to be at lease semi-permanent. Thatís nice to see, even though itís scary to think what they could do with their combined power.

Daria as a Whole #2, Last Name Basis - Jane was still calling Daria "Morgendorffer." I still donít like it.


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