Spotlight on...Kemical Reaxion!
by Steven Galloway

My October "Spotlight" is on Kemical Reaxion.

Kemical, or Kem for short, has proven herself to be a versatile, clever writer in the 'Daria' fanfic community, and a pretty respectable 'Daria' fanfic artist, to boot. Let's take a look at her fics (Without giving away too much of the plotlines, mind you as per the general "rule" of the "Spotlight"--read 'em for yourself, and if you have already, then comment on them yourself, okay?):

"On Guard" is a very good debut(?) canon-type of fic that involves Our Heroine and company, and "possible" future occupations, courtesy of Ms. Li's "encouragement". Daria and Jane (of course) are not pleased at being "volunteered" to participate, but both find themselves in the end enjoying their experiences, with Jane having her's at *Quinn's* expense!

"Cheese Is The Word" is a crossover with the movie musical "Grease", and a parody of it, too. It's quite rousing, with clever dialogue, and singing! If you liked the movie musical, you'll love this fic. If not, well, try to remember it *is* a fanfic!

"Why 2K?" is a "classic" Daria/Trent 'shipper tale, even though Kem basically points out that she *isn't* one. From the looks of this fic, you'd be hard-pressed to think that she's not, much to her credit. It's New Year's Eve 1999, and the true secrets come out of Daria's heart, Jane's "classic Yentaism" (Is that even a word?) kicks into overdrive, a blackout occurs, and Quinn "gets hers", along with Helen and Jake, er, well, fooling around, and--enough of that, if you catch my drift. ;D

"The QB next Door" may be the "darkest" Kevin-centric fic I've ever read, and what's *really* scary about this is that Kem has, at least to me, almost kept Kevin *still* in character! I could actually see him doing that! Kevin wants to "prove" himself as a man to Brittany, and he chooses Daria to do this (No, it's NOT that!). Adding a twist at the end that John Takis himself would be proud of (playing with our minds), Kem shows us *her* twisted side. Brrr!

"One Hundred Percent" is a post "Dye, Dye, My Darling" fic that asks, "What if?", as well as portraying Monique in a sympathetic light, something *very* rare (to me) in the 'Daria' fanfic community. Jane may have a BIG problem following her relationship with T(h)om, and she turns to Monique of all people to find out what she should do. There's yet another "Takis-like" twist in the end, and we find ourselves fooled a bit. More of Kem's shrewdness.

"Would You Like To Take A Survey?" Is a light-hearted spoof about Daria and co. answering certain questions to, well, a survey. It's quite funny. I found Jane's "answers" to be particularly humourous.

"Barely Tales" is a series of Kem's take of the 'Daria' characters in spoofs of popular fairy (faery?) tales. Her first (and so far only one out at this moment) is called "The Artist Formerly Known As The Frog Prince", a parody based on the fairy tale "The Princess and the Frog". You know the *basic* story: A beautiful princess is supposed to kiss a frog that's been cursed by a witch, and the spell is broken, resulting in a prince. Well, Kem puts her spin on this, and I think you'll find it quite funny. Psst--Daria's the "princess"! There is a part near the end that I seem to be the ONLY person to catch what Kem was inferring to, something, eh--"naughty". Don't worry, it ain't pornographic in nature--or *is* it? ;D

As I've written, Kem also is a very good artist. Her artwork reflects her writing: very versatile in nature, with several styles. Check it out on her website, or other websites, and judge it for yourself.

In closing, Kemical Reaxion has made quite a mark on the 'Daria' fanfic community with her writing and artwork. What do YOU (and the author herself) think? Thanks.

A little background for people that don't know about the "Spotlights." Steven Galloway, a fellow visitor to the Paperpusher's Message Board, writes up a monthly spotlight to showcase the talents of a particular fanfic writer or artist. I never in a million years expected to be chosen for this, but I was in October 2000. I was thrilled that other people actually enjoy my work. Again, I want to thank Steven for the spotlight and everyone who responded to this post for the kind words. I love you all! Now...someone PLEASE deflate my ego before my head explodes!!!! --Kem