The Spin-Off Poll

Which of the following characters should get their own spin-off?

[NOTE: This poll is just for fun. The results have no influence on whether any character from the show gets a spin-off or not.]

Final Results

Total Votes: 4049

Andrea 60 votes 1% of total Aunt Amy 49 votes 1% of total
Jane 771 votes 19% of total Monique 1786 votes 44% of total
Mr. DeMartino 443 votes 10% of total Quinn 102 votes 2% of total
Stacy 47 votes 1% of total Tom 28 votes 0% of total
Trent 727 votes 17% of total Upchuck 36 votes 0% of total

Voter Comments


  2. Quinn, Stacy and Jane are too often shown in Daria to have spin-offs. Trent I could see having a Mystik Spiral spin-off or Andrea with a goth spin-off, but the one I'd like to see is Amy. I know that Kara Wild did that whole Abruptly Amy thing, but it wasn't meant to be serious. Monique was just a guest character, DeMartino's show would be about the faculty of Lawndale High (boring), I can't imagine that Tom's would be all that interesting (to little conflict), and as for Upchuck.... Eeeeewwwww!

  3. ME think trent get spin off cuz he hot! or somthing like that, whatever

  4. Mr. DeMartino should get his own show...he is hilarious. Imagine him moving in with a family as a nanny Mr. Belvedere and Who's the Boss rolled into one.

  5. Too bad Trent isnt real...Id sooo do him. Him and Daria shouldve gotten together. *sigh*

  6. What the heck is up with everyone liking Trent? He's a cartoon, but in a way he is kind of cool. I like Tom better though.

  7. I think Tom and Daria should get married! They look good together.

  8. I think trent is one of the best caracters, and jane of course. trent is very cool, and so is janie, but none of them shoud get his/her own show ´casuse daria is the best show I´ve ever seen. better there are new daria episodes than another new show!!

  9. I think too, that trent and daria should get together!!

  10. i thik monique should get it cuz she's kool and does this poll really help her get a spin-off?

  11. Trent is awesome cuz in an odd sorta freaky way he would be a hott guy if he were he has alot of common intrests with me, ofcourse food. tom is a meanie.

  12. Trent is the hottest dude in the universe! i LOVE him alot! I wish he were real! and i hope he wins!

  13. If there had to be a spin-off, it would have to be Jane's, cause she is the best! And yes, Trent would be a hot guy, but better that he is there in Jane's spin-off.


  15. I wouldn't exactly call this a quiz.

  16. Monique?! MONIQUE?! Are you people insane? Sheesh.

  17. Who the hell is Monique?

  18. who IS monique?

  19. Ok, although it would be gross wouldn't it be interesting to see upchucks homelife and rejections and stuff. Or stacy I think that behind all that fashion junk she could be a cool character well if it weren't for the whole spineless thing but my fav character is Daria cause she rocks so I don't think that anyone should make a spinoff unless it has her in it.

  20. monique is trents semi-serious girlfreind. jane:"they break up this way every week" /\__/\