The Fashion Goddess Poll

The Fashion Club may think they know what's hip and stylish, but are they really the experts they claim to be? What if there's more to looking cool than merely following the latest trends in Waif magazine? Well, here's your chance to voice your opinion and prove once and for all who the true Fashion Goddess of Lawndale High really is. [Thanks to Ana Geffe for the topic suggestion!]

Final Results

Total Votes: 2742

Daria 371 votes 13% of total Tiffany 51 votes 1% of total
Jane 871 votes 31% of total Stacy 831 votes 30% of total
Quinn 90 votes 3% of total Jodie 88 votes 3% of total
Sandi 178 votes 6% of total Brittany 23 votes 0% of total
Andrea 239 votes 8% of total

Voter Comments

  1. obviously. the artist.

  2. daria is cool &trent is cool but should be with daria instead of tom b4 they brokeup n-e way fashion club r awesome but stuck up "?:?"!@#$%^&*()

  3. I like Daria's clothes...but I'm a tomboy, so I gotta go w/ Jane. She has shorts ^_^;

  4. andrea. goths rock.

  5. Jane's look is artsy yet cool AND it doesn't look like she's like Van Goe(LOONY!)

  6. Quinn's outfit is cute but I'll have to go with Jane!

  7. i like tiffany's outfit. it's cool. :o)

  8. I like red and black. So, yes, I vote for Jane.

  9. Green and black, black and green, that's it. Daria will prevail!

  10. give it up for miss jane!!!

  11. Jane you the best charater on the show!!

  12. I vote for Jane for coolest outfit, but the outfit I would most likely wear would be Quin's original outfit.

  13. Green, black and orange is the way to go. And let's not forget the glasses and boots.

  14. I love Jane's clothes I would wear them every day if I could!!!!!!

  15. Jane looks really good with her TIGER hairs...

  16. i've chosen andea, go goth!

  17. jane's clothes is better than the others. black and red is the way to go! for my stlye

  18. daria and jane have way cool clothes i luv both outfits

  19. i love janes outfit it looks really cool

  20. daria's boots are kikass

  21. Love Daria's boots... but Jane's overall style is more to my liking

  22. darias boots are kickass

  23. I'm confused. Are Daria's boots kikass or kickass?

  24. Jane's outfit with Daria's boots.

  25. i want some stuff like that

  26. I hav daria's boots there sooo cool

  27. Jane is the REAL fashion club president