The Reality Show Poll

Years ago, Survivor started the trend of the disposable reality show contestant. Participants were gradually voted off the show until only one remained. If only life were that simple, right? Daria, thankfully, was made before the airwaves were overrun with such shows, but now that they are so rampant it's interesting to ponder how the characters would fare on a reality show where they were in danger of being given the boot by their peers. Which leads to the question: If Daria were a reality show, who would get voted off first?

Final Results

Total Votes: 498

Daria 170 votes 34% of total Jake 22 votes 4% of total
Jane 31 votes 6% of total Helen 33 votes 6% of total
Quinn 44 votes 8% of total Trent 10 votes 2% of total
Brittany 43 votes 8% of total Tom 82 votes 16% of total
Kevin 49 votes 9% of total Other 14 votes 2% of total

Voter Comments

  1. Please. Kevin first. For all of us.
  2. Kevin wouldn't just be voted off, he'd be killed and roasted.
  3. Daria would find a way to rig the vote so she'd go first to get away fromt he rest of them.
  4. i couldn't put up with her, and Brit& Kev are not smart enough to last long
  5. Brit and Kev.
  6. Tiffany, there's no interest about this girl.
  7. Who else but Tom? Can you say..."jump the shark"?
  8. Definitely Jake, I hate him.
  9. it's just jake's luck
  10. Chuck R the III although they might just throw him to the sharks instead of voting him off...
  11. Tom. He almost ruined Daria and Jane's friendship more than once and no one else has reason to like him. Also his addition totally changed the dynamic of the whole show. Tom is an aberition that should never have been!
  12. Definitely, Daria.... I mean reality show. this means she'd be stuck with all those other people. she'd likely vote ~HERSELF~ off just to get out of there.
  13. Jake 'cause "Nobody likes poor old Jakey!"
  14. helen er besttttttt s det s
  15. nooooooooo yesssss helen
  16. heyyyyyyyy what is this
  17. i think it would be Kevin cause he's too stupid to function
  18. Helen or tom would get kicked off first because they are the two most un-interesting characters
  19. Tom would probably be the first to go because he's the most normal of the characters.
  20. Why is Daria on this list? WHY?!
  21. Quin would bug everyone.
  22. The quiet sesible people always get voted off. Daria would be the first to go. (Eccles)
  23. Kevin would totally get booted, he's the dumbest of them all!
  24. kevin is just...kevin! of course he would get voted off!