Take Action

We've watched as Noggin sliced and diced our episodes until they are practically unrecognizable. We've seen "Is It College Yet?" released on DVD with eight minutes of footage missing for no reason. Enough is enough. It's time for everyone to take action! Below is a list of links to some useful and informative sites to get you started. A clipboard icon beside a link indicates that the site contains an online petition. Please take a few minutes to sign each petition and visit these sites in order to show your support.


MsGeek.Org: Home of Ms. Geek, a.k.a. Michelle Klein-Hass. A fellow Daria fan, this lady has a direct link to to show and it's creators, so if there's any news about Daria, you'll probably see it here first.

The Irony Maiden: This is the site that confirmed that the DVDs of IIFY and IICY are really region-free, and confirmed that the latter contains the shorter, edited version of the movie. It also published the Web's first two reviews of the second DVD. Worth keeping an eye on its news ticker.

DVD & Video

Petition Site DVDaria: A petition of over 5,000 signatures to get Daria released on DVD. This includes support for the release of a Daria boxset, containing all the Daria episodes uncut, as they were originally aired on MTV. At this link, you can sign the petition to support the release of unedited Daria episodes on DVD.

Petition Site Daria on VHS: A Web petition in support of getting all episodes of Daria released for sale on video.

Home Theater Forum: A direct link to an online forum discussion on the edited DVD release of "Is It College Yet?" Many industry leaders frequent Home Theater forums, so this is the perfect place to voice your displeasure over the editing of the DVD release and to appeal to the people in power to release DVDs in unedited form. Editing has driven the sales of this DVD down drastically, and they need to know why.

Hollywood Reporter: The Hollywood Reporter tracks the success of movies and DVDs. This site will also be useful in keeping you up to date on breaking news about the latest deals. It's important to stay informed, and this site is a good place to get that information.

TV Shows on DVD: This site requires registration, which gives it more credibility than free-for-all petitions. Shows are ranked by the number of users who've voted for a DVD release. Once you've registered (no charge), you can add your vote for DVD releases of Daria.

Daria Videos & DVDs: The only way the bean counters will authorize more Daria releases is if they see good sales for what's already been released. So buy them! This page tells you what's out there on DVD and in PAL format videos, and it links to info on NTSC format videos.

Three Minutes for Daria: Do you want to be able to buy Daria DVDs? If you can spare three minutes and a stamp, you can join other fans in a potentially huge campaign to persuade Paramount UK and MTV Home Video to release Daria DVDs!


Petition Site The Official Daria on TNN Home Page: A petition to get Daria picked up by TNN. Daria is currently being shown on 'The N, Noggin's late-night programming. However, episodes have been severely cut. Fans of the show are outraged and desire to see Daria on a network better suited for it. Many feel that Daria would fit in perfectly on TNN, so this petition was started.

Petition Site Petition to Air Uncut "Daria" Episodes On Basic Cable: An open letter by Kara Wild which expands the scope of the aforementioned TNN petition to include support for "Daria" airing uncut on cable networks besides TNN, such as Cartoon Network or Comedy Central. This letter links directly to the original TNN petition so those who have not yet signed it can show support for bringing "Daria" back to television in its original form.

Petition Site Mystik Spiral Spin-Off Petition: A petition urging MTV and Viacom to consider making a spin-off of Daria revolving around Mystik Spiral, as was rumored to be in the works shortly after Daria went off the air.

Petition Site Australians Want Daria Back!: A petition especially geared towards Australian Daria fans. The petition is asking to bring Daria back to television there. Feel free to sign even if you're not from Australian to help out our fellow fans overseas.

Contact MTV: Snail mail address and phone number where you can contact MTV and request Daria on DVD.

Contact 'The N': 'The N' has been showing Daria in edited form. The edits have been inconsistent. Some editing is for content, but much of it defies reason. If you want to voice your opinions about the edits directly to 'The N,' here's where you can do it.

Contact Five (UK): UK broadcaster Five, whose output is also retransmitted in Poland, have been showing Daria in an edited form since 1998. The edits have, for the most part, been less severe than Noggin's. Five have the rights to show IICY, but haven't used them, and have stopped showing Daria. If you're a UK or Polish fan and you'd like Daria back, or you'd like to see IICY, the link above will tell you how to make Five aware of your views.

Contact the ABC (Australia)

From Noggin to TNN: An essay by Cincgreen containing suggestions on what you can do to support Daria on TNN. This essay contains some great tips for people willing to go that extra mile for our favorite show. This essay contains some harsh language. It's definitely worth reading, but just remember, you've been warned.

Many thanks go out to Kara Wild for her help in putting this together, as well as to Um for his fantastic DVDaria petition, to Cincgreen for the use of his essay, and to the other loyal Daria fans out there who are working to make a difference.