Before I get to the update, I have a small announcement. I've started adding email addresses to the artist and author pages. This is so that those who have submitted to this site can receive direct feedback for their work. If you have submitted your work to this site and would like your email address posted along with it, please email me and let me know what email address you want me to use. I will not post anyone's email address without their express permission, so if you want your email posted, you will have to give me permission to do so. That also applies to any new artists and authors submitting their work. If you want your email included, just say the word.

Ok, now, on with the update!

Fan Fiction
  • C.L. Basso
    • "Rubicon"
  • Deref:
    • "Quinntessence Part 1"
  • MFC:
    • "The Timeline For The Chris Series - Hell is To Follow Series"
    • "Author Must Be Destroyed!"
  • Renfield:
    • "The Fear of Living Dangerously"
  • Wyvern337:
    • "DisAppointment"
Fan Art
  • Kemical Reaxion:
    • "Happy Holidays" [Individuals, Jane]
  • Wouter Jaegers:
    • "Torn between two former lovers" ["Art-I-fact" by Wouter Jaegers]
  • Added "The Morning Cynic," "Scarlet's Daria Site," and "The Sh33p's Fluff" to the Links page.
  • Added "The Daily Wav" link to the Sounds page.
  • Added email addresses of several authors and artists to their respective pages.


Fan Fiction
  • Crusading Saint:
    • "Trophy Chasers"
    • "Griffin's Flight"
    • "Temporal Friends"
    • "Attraction Anxiety"
  • Deref:
    • "My Afternoon at Tom's"
    • "Lovers In a Dangerous Time"
    • "Down and Out on Dega Street"
    • "Bird on the Wire"
  • MFC:
    • Series: "Hell Is To Follow"
      • "Old Enemies"
      • "The Good, Bad, and Pink"
      • "Jealously With A Captial 3 Js"
      • "The Lawndale Chainsaw Massacre"
      • "Send In The Drones"
      • "Pinch Sitter 2"
      • "Paintball Day"
      • "Hellraiser: Pinhead's Revenge"
  • Napalm Krigbaum:
    • "Killing Daria"
  • Roger E. Moore:
    • "I Never Metamorphosis I Didnít Like"
    • "April Is the Cruelest Month"
  • Ronin:
    • "Carry On Wayward Stacy"
    • "Beavis and Butthead...Not!"
    • "One Night In Lawndale"
  • Wyvern337:
    • "Soup's On!"
    • "and by a sleep to say we end"
    • "Inheritance"
    • "Meanwhile In..."
    • Updated version of "The Chosen One"
Fan Art
  • Galen Hardesty:
    • "Nude Reading Solzhenytsin" ["The Picture of Daria's Rear" by Galen Hardesty]
  • Wouter Jaegers:
    • "D-nuts" [Groups]
    • "Sailor Senshi Fashion Club" [Groups]
    • "Ms. Li as Majin Buu from 'Dragonball Z'" [Individuals, Other]
    • "Jesse Moreno as Neflite from 'Sailor Moon'" [Individuals, Other]
  • Added several new links to the "Take Action!" page
  • Added Steven Galloway's layout of the Morgendorffer home [Tidbits]
  • Added "Switch," a commercial parody by Damaged Justice [Tidbits]
  • Added "Not Another Daria Fansite" to the Links page