February 12, 2006


Sorry, no fan fiction added this time. But never fear! A fan fiction update is forthcoming, so keep an eye on this space.

Fan Art

Kemical Reaxion
Daria as Bucky Katt, from the comic strip 'Get Fuzzy' Jane's yearbook picture Sandi...with an I The Fashion Club as the Fantanas, from those annoying Fanta beverage commercials.

Richard Lobinske
Daria as Taarna (from the movie, Heavy Metal), classic armor Daria as Taarna (from the movie, Heavy Metal), green armor Jane as Taarna (from the movie, Heavy Metal) Quinn's new look ['Christmas Melody' by Richard Lobinske] Daria ready for the theater ['A Tale of Two Brains' by Richard Lobinske]

Robin Sena
Quinn holding a lifeless Daria in her arms Sandi Griffin's Lonely Fashion Band


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