October 25, 2007

No More Updates
I already made this announcement several months ago on the message board, but I wanted to make a formal announcement here as well: This will be my final update of this site. I was actually planning on not updating again ever, but I decided that there were a few loose ends I wanted to tie up here before packing it in and calling it a day. I wanted to do some maintenance around here by fixing or removing broken links, as well as completing the episode summaries (which has always bugged me, and I didn't want to leave them unfinished). Here's a list of what all has been changed in this final update:

Completed episode summaries
Removed link to Hangman game
Removed broken links on Links page
Added "Lawndale Online," "The Daria Blandom Blog," and "Daria Wiki" to the Links page
Fixed multiple broken links on Napalm Kracken's fanfic page
Removed Banners page
Moved site to http://glitterberries.freehostia.com/ (more on that below)
New Web Host
Even though I am no longer updating, I am not planning on taking the site down anytime soon. I have, however, moved it to a free hosting site so that I can discontinue the payments I have been making for web hosting. In addition, the domain service for glitterberries.com will be expiring in December, and I will not be renewing it. Meaning that the domain glitterberries.com will cease to function after that. Please update your bookmarks to the new address: http://glitterberries.freehostia.com/ If your website contains any links to Glitter Berries, please make sure that you update them to the new URL. I've also made note of this change at the Daria Wiki, since so many pages there link to my site in some way. I'll go through and fix some of them, but I'll need help, so if you have an account at the Wiki and would like to help make these changes, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
I appreciate everyone's support over the years, both of this site and of me personally. I've had fun serving the Daria fan community, but changes in my life are sending me in a different direction now, and I don't have the time or energy to keep up with the site anymore. Thanks so much for the great run. This site would be nothing without all of you who submitted your work, gave feedback, and just enjoyed being here. If you're interested in keeping up with myself or my artwork, you can contact me through my deviantArt page or feel free to e-mail me. I always like hearing from fans of the show and friends that I've made along the way.

Take care!!

- Kem