September 3, 2006


• The Longest Year: The Facts of Life

Kristen Bealer
• Card Games

Napalm Kracken
• Removed "Killing Daria"

Nick "Ranchoth" Gaston
• Inauguration

Psycho Tol
• Living Dead Girls 5: Twister Harvest
• Living Dead Girls [Updated]
• Living Dead Girls 2: Corporate Seizure [Updated]
• Living Dead Girls 3: Baptism Of Fire [Updated]
• Living Dead Girls 4: Fighting Machine [Updated]

Ranger Lou
• Excuse Me?

Ranger Thorne
• The Gem and the Sword

Richard Lobinske
• The Pact
• Misery's End
• Succession Crisis
• I Meant to Do That
• Promise in Green
• Falling Into College: Lindy Lane
• Falling Into College: Family Collision
• Falling Into College: Melody of Life
• John Lane: Summer Incoming
• John Lane: Lessons
• John Lane: Retouched Parents

Steven Galloway
• Return Engagement: Chapter 4

The Angst Guy
• As She Remembered It in the Long Years After
• Deus Jane
• Like a Circle in a Spiral
• Making the Breast of It
• Sudden Death Overtime
• Backhanded Remarks
• It Slipped Through My Hands, Like a Shadow, Like a Dream
• A Knight to Remember
• Pristine
• Self-Insertion
• Darkness
• Mack Daddy
• Change the World
• Uranium in the Drinking Water
• Anything for Jane
• No One Lives Forever
• The Original Underground Government-Suppressed Version of Brother Grimace’s Classic ‘Daria’ Fanfic, ‘The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow’
• Stacy and the Lamp
• The Two of Them

Fan Art

Kemical Reaxion
The real reason Daria botched Jane's dye-job Bathing beauty Quinn Paris, one of the art colony chicks from 'Is It Fall Yet?' as a pixie

Chris Smith
Mock Atari game box Mock Super Nintendo game box

Napalm Kracken
• Removed "Punisher shirt" and "A girl and her typewriter"

Psycho Tol
Janey's got a bow ['Living Dead Girls' by Psycho Tol] The Cyborgs ['Living Dead Girls' by Psycho Tol] Cyborg strafing ['Living Dead Girls' by Psycho Tol]

Sketch of Daria


• Did some re-arranging in the Contests and Updates sections.