Happy Herb Jingle

by Trent Lane
(Guitar Tab by Firah)

Here are the chords to the song, or as close as I can tell. If anyone else has any suggestions or corrections please email me at f_samyaza@yahoo.com.

D                                            A 
If you don't have a car or your present car sucks, 

G                                     D
Go to Happy Herb with a few thousand bucks. 

D                                    A 
Then you can drive here, you can drive there, 

G                                 D
Drive where you want, Happy Herb don't care. 

Em                                                  A
It won't make you better or smarter, thats true, 

Em                                                     A                 A7
But you can drive around when there's nothing else to do. 

D                        A 
So go buy a car, buy a damn car, 

G                                              D      Dsus4  D
Hit the road to nowhere in your Happy Herb car.