Liliane Grenier

Childhood Memories

Liliane's "Childhood Memories" series depicts the Daria characters as they
might have appeared when they were kids, doing things that would foreshadow their
behavior as we know it today (or, in some cases, referring to events mentioned on the show).

Jane in art class

Jane getting an early start on her artistic career.
Jane's oral report

An oral report on World War II, presented in Jane's unique way.

Trent's first guitar

Trent receives his first guitar.
Nap time for Trent and Jesse

Nap time for Trent and Jesse.

Kevin's roaming eye

Brittany takes action against Kevin's roaming eye.
Dodge ball predictability

Kevin's dodge ball skills are not exactly razor-sharp, to Brittany's dismay.

A lack of coordination

Brittany's coordination isn't much better than Kevin's, apparently.
Upchuck on the prowl

Upchuck on the prowl, Barbie dolls on the run.

Kevin and the stove, take 1
Kevin and the stove, take 2
Some kids just never learn...

Trent's tent experiment

"You know, I once lived in a tent in the yard for six months, waiting for someone to invite me back into the house."
("Lane Miserables")
Trent as a living canvas

A sleeping big brother provides the perfect canvas for Jane's artistic talents.

Summer's Pez diet

"Summer once ate only Pez for a year, and look how beautifully she turned out."
("Lane Miserables")
Penny versus Ms. Morris

"Your sister Penny never wanted to participate, either."
("See Jane Run")

Wind gets married
Wind gets divorced
Poor Wind. Even in childhood, he can't keep a relationship going.

Dining with the Lanes

Domestic bliss at the Lane kitchen table.
Dress-up with the Fashion Club

The future Fashion Club plays dress-up.

Penny and Jane getting beautiful

Jane needs a little more practice in the "getting beautiful" department...
The Lane sisters out for a run

Now we see where Jane's love of running comes from!

Daria's family
Quinn's family
Daria and Quinn present their views of the Morgendorffer family.

An early Mystik Spiral practice

An early Mystik Spiral practice, with Monique sitting in to torment Nick and terrorize Max.
Daria and Quinn at the beach

Fun at the beach with Daria and Quinn.