Liliane Grenier

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Movie Posters

'Blues Sisters 2000' 'The Craft' 'Liar, Liar' 'Men in Black' 'Scream'

Real-Life Cast

Liliane's vision of the Daria cast members as played by real people.
Clockwise from top left: Christina Ricci (Jane), Emma Bunton (Brittany),
Kate Winslet (Penny Lane), Claire Danes (Daria), Leonardo DiCaprio (Trent),
Alyson Hanigan (Quinn), and Eliza Dushu (Sandi).

The Real-Life Cast of Daria

W Magazine

Did you wonder if the outfits worn by the Daria characters
in that "W Magazine" layout were real? Well, here's your answer,
as each character is shown next to the actual outfit.
Warning: this is a very wide and very large picture!

W Magazine Fashion Photos

Special Collections

"Childhood Memories"
Sketch Gallery

Fanfic Illustrations

by Steven Galloway

All in the Family

Liliane is not the only Daria fan in the Grenier family,
as evidenced by these cute drawings by her two younger brothers,
David (4) and Samuel (6).

Trent by David Grenier   Daria characters by Samuel Grenier