Liliane Grenier

Sketch Gallery

Daria and Jane

Daria and Jane lounging in their favorite spot on the Lawndale High campus.
Trent and Jesse

Trent and Jesse in their natural habitat... that is, the one they're in when they aren't sleeping.
The Morgendorffers

A Morgendorffer family portrait.
Jane Lane

Jane Lane, artiste extraordinare.

The Fashion Club

The Fashion Club (Quinn, Tiffany, Stacy, and Sandi), doing what they do best.
Lawndale High School faculty

The Lawndale High faculty. Clockwise from top left: Mr. DeMartino, Mr. O'Neill, Ms. Barch, Ms. Li, and Ms. Defoe.
Kevin and Brittany

Kevin and Brittany, a couple that's made for each other ('cause no one else wants 'em).

Mack and Jodie

Mack and Jodie.
The Three J's

The three J's (Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie).
The Lawndale Kids

The youngsters of Lawndale. Clockwise from top: Sam and Chris Griffin, Brian Taylor, Tad and Tricia Gupty, and Rachel Landon.

Quinn on the dance floor

Quinn on the dance floor, from "Daria Dance Party" (#304).
Jane Lane

Jane Lane.
Trent Lane

Trent Lane.