The She-Tiger The result of issuing a challenge to a kung-fu obsessed writer to do something without kung fu, here is a DJW reworking of an old personal favorite.
A Step Too Far An Iron Chef fic. A conversation between two people. Simple? Not really.
Encounters of the Vampire Kind Daria is uncomfortable about school trip to China from the start despite having both Jane and Tom along for the ride. When Principal Li inadvertently (?) unleashes an assortment of spirits, zombies, and one very determined Kyonshi (Chinese hopping vampires) they find themselves on the run.
The Dammitall Run
Noah Barkman in association with Morgendorffer consulting has organised an anything goes, illegal, madcap race from Lawndale all the way to Seattle. Now over a dozen vehicles manned by several of your favourite Lawndale lunatics are going to show just how much fun you can have breaking the speed limit and causing collateral damage.
A Little Help From Your Fiends
A collaboration with Richard Lobinske
Inspired by Angelboy's Iron Chef challenge for authors that are polar opposites of each other to write a story together. This story requires some knowledge of DJW's Open Windows stories and Richard Lobinske's Falling Into College stories plus Band of Bothers. When Upchuck escapes from the psychiatric hospital and heads for Boston to track down Daria, Tom decides to send his two friends Clovis and Wasabi to help.

Open Windows
The Interesting Life and Times of Daria Morgendorffer In response to an off-handed comment Daria decides to set Jane up on a blind date. Only problem is she decides upon the "Nice English friend of Tom's" she met.
Folk and Foolishness As a side effect of her previous actions, Daria finds herself attending the latest Sloane family social event, in this case an English Caleigh, if that wasn't enough she also is having trouble dealing with Jane's new relationship status.

Daria and the Marvel Universe Essay relating Daria to the Marvel Universe.