D.T. Dey

The Highland Invasion Just when Daria thought she could leave Highland behind, the first Lawndale-Highland exhibition football game brings an influx of students, faculty, family and fans from Highland. To make matters worse, Todd's gang who is running from the law, brought two unflattering memories with them.
The Insubordinator Lawndale High gets a new kid, who's got a bad habit of talking back to the faculty. This trait proves to be quite admirable to many of the students, including Daria, as he tells off teachers like Ms. Barch, and Ms. Li. But where does his hostility come from? Will we find out when Daria is forced to tutor him by Mr. O'Neill? Meanwhile, Mystik Spiral is teaming up with a more successful ska band for a duet album.
Alternate Ending #2: Quinn the Brain (What if...) Daria's not satisfied with simply dressing like Quinn to threaten her identity. In this alternate version, she tags along on Quinn's date with the 3-J's and may end up with some of them.