Erin Mills

Daria vs. The Lawndale Zombies Lawndale has been overrun by a horde of mindless zombies, and it is up to Daria and company to destroy them, before it's too late.
Guilty Pleasures Daria has something to hide, but what could it be? I guess everyone's entitled to their own little secrets.
Killjoy Was Here Under the leadership of Dr. Sandra Griffin, the People for Proactive Popularism (PPP) has created a world where art, music, and free-thinking are illegal.
Last Night In Lawndale What will you do with the rest of your life...all six hours of it?

Brush Strokes: The Adventures of Jane Lane
Hello London Jane arrives in London, where she will be attending an art academy. Within her first day on campus, she realizes she has a powerful enemy waiting for her, but she deals with him in true Jane Lane fashion!
Dueling Egos What do you get when you mix a painting class, an arrogant classmate, a destroyed project, and a custom Lotus?

The Daria Chronicles
Good-bye Lawndale How will Daria deal with starting a brand new college without Jane? Will she be able to tolerate spending even more time with some of her least favorite people? Find out!
Book Learnin' Daria begins her first week of classes at Willmore. Along the way, she meets several new faces, and begins to realize why, in college, sometimes you HAVE to get a job.