Richard Lobinske

Payback A PPMB Iron Chef ficlet. Jane finds an interesting trail of clothes in her house.
Alien Pond Two years after graduating from Raft, a heartbroken Daria retreats to her new Montana cabin to find a 21st Century Walden, where she becomes the adoptive mother of three unusual daughters.
Band of Bothers Dual entry for PPMB’s "I Challenge You" and "The Bard Spins in His Grave." An alternate history crossover between my "Falling Into College" and DJW’s "Martial Arts" AU. Daria meets Clovis Lee-Daniels during a summer production of Henry V. Warning, not to be taken seriously.
Holiday Kombat From PPMB’s "I Challenge You." A crossover between "Depth Takes a Holiday" and "Mortal Kombat." Trent, accompanied by Daria, Jane and an unexpected guest, must face his worst fear to save the Earth.
Nervous Dreams An alternative history. Daria discovers her dreams are more real than she imagined, and Aunt Amy tells Daria of the maternal bloodline curse affecting both of them. (PG-13 version, sexually suggestive)
West Lawndale Grand Ballroom Gown Suggested by the Jimmy Buffett song, West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown. A possible future history of one of the Girls of Lawndale.
Alien Home Sequel to Alien Pond. Six years after Daria’s adopted children left Earth, an alien assassin appears at her home on the eve of her annual trip to the Montana cabin. Daria and Jane are on the run and a new rebellion threatens the fledgling alien democracy.
When My Guitar Gently Bleeds ound 1 of The Angst Guy/Bug Guy write-off instigated by the denizens of PPMB to annoy us and amuse them. Trent and Mystik Spiral have cleaned up, gotten serious and are on their way to their first gig in Boston. With his new-found purpose and confidence, Trent has a special song prepared for someone.
Lead Us Not Into Temptation Round 2 of The Angst Guy/Bug Guy write-off instigated by the denizens of PPMB to annoy us and amuse them. During the summer after their freshman year at college, Mack and Daria meet by chance in Pizza Prince.
De-Esteemed Round 3 of The Angst Guy/Bug Guy write-off instigated by the denizens of PPMB to annoy us and amuse them. During her speech to the students of Lawndale High after finishing self-esteem class early, Daria never expected Quinn to stand up.
Monique’s Subtraction Because of Daria’s unexpected visit with Monique during the episode, Jane’s Addition, Trent’s missing the deadline has farther reaching effects.
Alien Heritage Sequel to Alien Pond and Alien Home. Three years after Daria returns to Nest, a detailed analysis of the weapon Artie used to kill Angier Sloane shows it was made on Earth. Daria and Eveningsky go to Earth to finish negotiating a treaty between Humans, Folk and Seekers, while Tim returns to investigate who may have been behind Artie’s weapon, and what their ultimate plans are.
Three A crossover of Falling Into College, John Lane and Mother ’s Love (Alien series) with The Angst Guy’s iron chef story, Illusions. After Daria’s death in their worlds, Tim O’Neal, John Lane and Michael Fulton are recruited to stop a serial killer targeting her across multiple realities.
It's That Guy An entry for an Iron Chef proposed by Brother Grimace at SFMB. What if Artie was right, that Daria and Jane were Alien Love Goddesses?
Claim Check An Iron Chef challenge from Brother Grimace at PPMB. Amy picks up Daria from Boston to take her out for a “surprise”, and the two become trapped inside Amy's wrecked car after an accident.
A Choice A ficlet in which Daria dreams she has a choice about being switched at birth with another family, or is it a dream?
Is it Doom Yet? An alternative to Is It Fall Yet? Missing Jane and hurt by what appears to be Tom's attempts to hide her from his family, Daria accepts an unusual invitation to attend the Royal Latverian Academy to get out of volunteering at Mr. O'Neill's Okay to Cry Corral summer camp. There, she discovers her true parentage. A Daria/Dr. Doom crossover.
Accidental Future Combined Iron Chefs...Mike Xeno’s “Morning After” and The Angst Guy's redux of “Daria’s Crash.” The crash near the end of Boxing Daria caused the SUV to roll and the last thing Daria remembered was hitting the side window. She wakes up twelve years later to find she's married to Tom Sloane, that they have two children and Daria has no memory of them.
Daria R Ten years after "Is It Doom Yet?" The people of Latveria vote down Queen Daria's proposed constitution, leaving her still the undisputed monarch of the country. One that tradition expects to marry soon. Daria also finds that the failed vote leads her to a plot to remove her as Queen and alter the course of history.
My Parade Adventure Tad Gupty's school essay on the events of "I Loathe a Parade."
The Pact Entry for my Iron Chef based on fan artwork of Daria as Taarna the Defender from the movie "Heavy Metal". When Ms. Li appears at a pep rally with a strange, green pendant, Daria knows that evil is afoot and she's the only one who can stop it.
Misery's End What if the events of "The Teachings of Don Jake" had ended differently? Amy Barksdale arrives in Lawndale to care for a niece she hasn't seen in years and they learn to cope with the changes in both their lives.
Succession Crisis Tending to her first child, Princess Jane Valeria, Queen Daria Von Doom is surprised by the return of her biological father, Dr. Doom. She tells him that that she considers his abdication final and her succession complete, but that he is welcome to stay as Archduke of Doomstadt. Rejected by the citizens of Latveria when he tries to gain their support, he goes to his remaining child, Quinn, and tells her how Queen Daria has plotted to keep her away from her rightful place.
I Meant to Do That This was written in response to Brother Grimace's challenge to write a story set in Falling into College series, based on Daria's cat Bump's point of view. After Daria's alarm inexplicably goes off on a weekend April Fool's Day, Bump spends the day living her life around the three humans that share her home.
Promise in Green It's prom season for the seniors of Lawndale High School. Despite her and Tom's initial disinterest, Daria gets talked into agreeing to go. After finding a green dress online that's available locally, Daria finds a herself oddly looking forward to the event.
Saving Hope In an alternate reality, Jake drives Daria and Quinn to their new school in Lawndale while Daria thinks back on the time she spent at Highland’s alternative discipline facility, Hope High School.
Spelling It Out After winning the class spelling bee, Mr. O’Neill enters Daria in the school competition, which could lead to regional and/or state. When she accidentally wins the school spelling be, she finds herself in the uncomfortable position of representing Lawndale at regional.
A Little Help From Your Fiends
A collaboration with DJW
Inspired by Angelboy's Iron Chef challenge for authors that are polar opposites of each other to write a story together. This story requires some knowledge of DJW's Open Windows stories and Richard Lobinske's Falling Into College stories plus Band of Bothers. When Upchuck escapes from the psychiatric hospital and heads for Boston to track down Daria, Tom decides to send his two friends Clovis and Wasabi to help.
The New View Written in response to Brother Grimace's "Morgendorffer Temptresses" challenge and set immediately after IICY? Daria and Quinn find work as lifeguards at the Lawndale Children's pool and discover that their coworker is Ted DeWitt-Clinton, who seems to have finally noticed that girls are different.

The Last Summer Series
Last Summer Primers Primer for The Last Summer series. Newbies beware: The fanfic summaries contain spoilers.
Saving One Last Summer First story of the Last Summer series. Right after graduation, Daria must find some kind of "constructive activity" for the summer before her mother finds one for her.
Shifts in Mood Second in the Last Summer series. While reading her diary, Daria realizes that Trent was not oblivious as he appeared. So, did he notice her crush or not?
Succeeding in Your World Third in the Last Summer series. In order to meet a respected writer, Daria must attend an awards dinner with Helen, in a formal gown.
Out of the Frying Pan Fourth entry in the Last Summer series. To what extremes will Daria, Jane and Mack go to give Jodie a break from her summer activities.
Comforting a Confused Soul Fifth story of the Last Summer series. Amanda Lane returns home to Jane after missing her graduation. Jane deals with her feelings of neglect from the Lanes, and acceptance from the Morgendorffers.
It Was Your Idea Sixth story of the Last Summer series. Daria and Jane go on a road trip to the beach. Can they tolerate the attention of two young college students?
Something For You Seventh story of the Last Summer series.. Daria must deal with a loss as she prepares for the move to Raft and the end of the summer.

The Falling Into College Series
Falling Into College Primers: Year 1
Fall | Spring | Summer
Primers for the first year of the Falling Into College series. Newbies beware: The fanfic summaries contain spoilers.
Falling Into College Primers: Year 2
Fall | Spring | Summer
Primers for the second year of the Falling Into College series. Newbies beware: The fanfic summaries contain spoilers.
Boarding the Raft First story in the Falling Into College Series. Daria Morgendorffer arrives at Raft University and meets her new roommate, Karen Myerson. Will Daria's family scare her off?
Returning Nightmare Jane Lane begins her new job while she awaits her mid-year start at BFAC. Teaching Assistant for Claire Defoe at Lawndale High.
Lindy and the Knight Jane finds Quinn's friend from IICY asleep in Casa Lane's living room. Will she and Quinn find common ground when Lindy and Trent get together?
Freshman Spread A small weight gain leads to Daria facing the reason she hides her appearance so much, with Karen's help.
Quinn the Tutor Helen decides that Quinn needs to build up more extracurricular activities to make up for no longer being Fashion Club vice-president, when Quinn slips that she has been quietly tutoring Tiffany.
Nineteen in Ninety-Nine Aunt Amy takes Daria out for a night on the town for her nineteenth birthday, with Karen along for the ride. But, who are these two goons following them?
Home for Thanksgiving Karen’s financial problems rise to the surface when she can’t afford to go home for the holiday. Daria invites her to spend the weekend with her family as she plans on a way to keep her roommate in Boston.
Winter’s Eve Daria’s first dates with a man named Michael and final exams bring her first semester of college to a close.
Holiday Breaks Daria’s home for the winter break. She meets Lindy, survives New Year’s and helps Jane move in to BFAC.
Chosin Fate Daria’s new job as a transcriptionist for a history professor brings her into audio contact with her grandfather, “ Mad Dog” Morgendorffer, and new insights to what made him what he was.
Art Frieze Jane adjusts to dorm life and enters the winter ice sculpture contest at BFAC. The Boston Ice Tea Party.
Days of Expression Valentine's Day gets a little complicated for Daria as she remembers her old feelings toward Trent and Tom, and her new feelings for Michael.
Flaming the Fans Daria discovers fan reactions to her Melody Powers stories, with one an old acquaintance that goes too far.
Can This Be Spring? Jane accepts that a trip to Florida for Spring Break is not in the budget. But, that doesn't mean she can't have a beach party.
The Spirals Are Coming! Mystik Spiral finally gets a gig in Boston. Will the Tank survive the trip?
A Daze at the Races Quinn turns eighteen as Stacy prepares for a big race. Sandi wants to be friends again after loosing her job at the television station.
May Day Spring finals at Raft as Daria completes her first year of college, and an unexpected opportunity that may radically change her future.
Prom Quinn Quinn chooses a bad time to distract Jake by implying Daria and Michael are sleeping together, and faces a last choice for a prom date.
Seeking Hearts Spring term ends at Raft as Daria looks for a new apartment to share with Karen and Jane. Karen heads home to Georgia for the summer while Daria and Jane visit Lawndale. Through it all, Daria and Michael try to communicate after the breakup.
Shopping For Cars With Boys Daria and Michael continue to patch things up, while Daria, Jane and Trent seek new cars from an unusual source.
Keeping My Friends Close Daria and Jane adjust to living together as summer semester begins at Raft and BFAC and Jane looks for a job.
Fashionable Graduation Quinn, the former Fashion Club and Kevin prepare to graduate. Daria, Jane, Jodie and Mack reunite to pass on the Honor Society to the next class.
Through Lenses Most Bright An important change in prescription means Daria must face her evolving eyesight. It also means finding a new pair of glasses, with help from a little girl Jane works with at the children's hospital.
Silver Lining Helen and Jake’s 25th wedding anniversary, and they’ve invited Rita, Amy, Grandma Ruth, Grandma Barksdale and Jake’s brother, Bruce. When will the family detonation occur?
Freedom Of Speech Daria visits Michael for the July 4 holiday to meet his family, and hopefully build up the courage to tell him how she feels.
Boston Baked Band Daria prepares to perform in her theater class play, and Mystik Spiral has been hired to provide music for the cast party.
Lost Eagles Found Summer semester ends. Daria hunts for Michael’s birthday present and returns to Lawndale to help Quinn to prepare for Pepperhill.
The Parents Are At Rest As summer ends, Quinn says her goodbyes to Lawndale before leaving for Pepperhill, Sandi asks Daria for a favor. Jake and Helen prepare for an empty nest.
Back Aboard A first look at Karen’s family and background as she prepares for the fall term at Raft and living with Daria and Jane. At Jane’s instigation, they head out for a beach weekend before classes start.
A Part That’s Gained Jane has to meet one of the realities of working in a children's hospital, and finds something unexpected.
Esteeming Lysistrata While Daria and Jane celebrate four years since Self-Esteem class, they get an unexpected guest and Quinn asks for help.
Bump in the Night BFAC is holding a Halloween Party fundraiser for a trip Jane wants to go on, and wins a bet with Daria on who chooses costumes. At Pepperhill, Quinn discovers the effect her renewed dating schedule has on her grades.
The Last Piece Falls Daria gets a subpoena to testify to a grand jury about her involvement in the Ultra Cola situation during her senior year at Lawndale High. That the case involves Angela Li and Leonard Lamm is no surprise, but how is Linda Griffin involved?
For This, We’re Thankful Concerned about being stalked in Lawndale, Daria invites Jake and Helen to Boston for Thanksgiving, along with Jane, Karen, Michael and Derek. Meanwhile, Quinn visits Fran’s family for the holiday. However, a simple dinner isn’t the only thing Daria has planned.
A Few Important Details After the one year anniversary of Daria and Michael’s first date, they consider adding a new dimension to their relationship. Daria recalls some of the same doubts she had before on the subject, and also contemplates how things are different.
Christmas Melody Quinn takes a detour to Boston before going home after her first semester at Pepperhill and isn't looking forward to Jake and Helen seeing her grades. Meanwhile, Daria and Jane catch up with their family and friends in Lawndale.
ReFrieze To once again enter BFAC's “ Boston Ice Tea Party” ice sculpture contest, Jane needs to work around complications from her job at the children's hospital.
Lane Closure As Lindy starts preparing for the wedding, she learns that the mortgage to Casa Lane has been paid off. This leads to her learning about Amanda and Vincent's early years and how they bought a commune in 1973.
And the Bubble Burst As Daria and company prepare for spring break, Erin announces her plans to divorce Brian and takes shelter in Boston. However, Daria soon learns this is only the beginning of problems for the Barksdale family. Between day-trading and the recent collapse of tech stocks, Grandma Tess Barksdale has lost almost all of the family fortune. Things come to a head when Grandma Tess, Rita and Helen converge on Daria's apartment to deal with Erin's move and the financial crisis.
I Hope You Don't Have Plans After spring break, Daria and Karen plan for Jane's birthday. However, things get complicated when the director where Daria works at the Raft University Press is promoted and a new director arrives, along with his attitude and work schedule.
Run Jane, Run Jane gets ready to compete in the Boston Marathon, with a little help from her friends. Meanwhile, Daria is notified that Upchuck has accepted a plea bargain in the stalking case against him.
Registering Annoyance With spring term over, Karen heads back to Georgia while Daria and Jane prepare to host Mystic Spiral for another Boston gig. At the same time, Daria’s summer registration has vanished somewhere in the Registrar’s computer system and she embarks on a quest to retrieve it.
Four Friends, Four Winds Quinn says good-bye to Fran for the summer. She returns to Lawndale and catches up with the members of the former Fashion Club, whose lives have gone in very different directions.
Apartment for Rent Michael temporarily moves in with Daria when his apartment hunt takes longer than anticipated and he has to move out of the Raft dormitory.
Lindy Lane Trent and Lindy get ready for their wedding as the Wandering Lanes gather for the first time since "Lane Miserables". Quinn and Jane team up for a bachelorette party and Mystic Spiral puts on a bachelor party for the lucky(?) couple. At the wedding, Daria and Quinn wonder if they'll face a repeat of Erin's when Lindy's alcoholic mom meets the Lanes. And finally, what is Sandi doing sneaking into the Griffin house?
Family Collision During their July Fourth vacation, Ron, Samantha and Gina Fulton drive to Boston to visit Michael and Daria. After that, they travel to Lawndale to meet Jake, Helen and Quinn. After hearing about it, Tess Barksdale decides to join in.
Melody of Life Daria learns that her planned "final" Melody Powers story has been accepted. While making editorial revisions to her story, she deals with the mystery of a missing manuscript at work that she needs to find if she wants to keep her job.
Dividing Spiral Quinn's departure from Lawndale to return to Pepperhill confirms to her that the old Fashion Club is drifting apart. Meanwhile, with his daughter Ariel about to start first grade, Nick decides its time to quit Mystik Spiral.
Past Influences Summer draws to a close as Daria, Jane and Karen get ready to start their junior year of college. Daria and Jane are surprised when Elsie Sloane stops by to visit on her way to college, but not to Bromwell.
A Matter of Priorities The Monday after Amy’s wedding, Helen suffers a stroke at work. Daria, with Michael, Tess and Rita join Jake with at the hospital, while Quinn must wait for a flight back from Pepperhill.

The John Lane Series
John Outcast artist, John Lane, meets an interesting new girl in his self-esteem class.
Can I Just Have The Coffee? With a little luck, Daria may be able to avoid the new coffee house Mr. O’Neill is planning, but don’t count on it. This is the second John Lane story.
New Model Year Daria turns sixteen, the Amazon Modeling Agency is at Lawndale High, and one of John’s comments lead to unanticipated results.
Sitting Cute Daria deals with an emergency babysitting job, Quinn worries about losing the cuteness arms race, and John’s a fill-in roadie for a combined Mystik Spiral/Harpies gig.
Morgendorffer Prison Blues Jake and Helen’s experiment in household jurisprudence results in John, Daria and Quinn grounded for a month. Will Jake and Helen survive the sentence?
Lessons of Spring It's spring break and time for road trips, concerts and camping for John and Daria. And don't forget the glitter berries.
Killing a Legend Former Lawndale football legend Tommy Sherman returns to be honored by the school. When John and Daria are less than impressed with him, things go badly downhill.
Good Art Hunting In the aftermath of the school's poster contest, John has plans for the scheduled paintball field trip.
A Tale of Two Brains Much to Daria's dismay, after Quinn's essay is published in the Lawndale Lowdown, she gets a new reputation as a brain. What can Daria and John do about it?
A Mirror of Future Fears Daria’s cousin Erin is getting married, so Helen has made sure that Daria and Quinn are bridesmaids, and John a groomsman. Has the dysfunctional Lane family prepared John to face the Barksdales?
A Time for Every Purpose John is temporarily evicted from his room to a sofa to make space for Jake and Helen's old hippie commune friends, Coyote and Willow Yeager. With nowhere to run, John and Daria must prepare for a weekend of good vibes and two annoyed cats.
Movie Magik Mr. O’Neill assigns a short film project to his English class. What better subject for Daria and John to work on than a local grunge band on the verge of waking up?
Fairly Illuminated To avoid being transferred from the school newspaper to the yearbook staff by Ms. Li, Daria agrees to help sell reproduction manuscript pages at the school's fundraiser to repair the library roof, a medieval fair. At the same time, John is volunteered to make the reproductions and Quinn auditions for a part in the fair's production of "Canterbury Tales".
Ring of Champions John's hard practice begins to pay off as track season starts with a string of wins for him, while Daria's frustration with gym class reaches a new height with cheerleader practice being masked as agility training.. John's sudden popularity as a track star has several unintended consequences leading up to his sixteenth birthday.
Left to the Heart As the school year draws to a close, Mr. O'Neill gives Daria a special writing assignment because she's read all of the books on his reading list. Thinking about the free time Daria and John will have over the summer, even with some kind of "useful activity", Helen decides to make sure Daria is protected if she and John go too far.
Summer Incoming John and Daria start summer classes at Lawndale Community College, interning with Jake, and prepare for a visit from Grandma Barksdale.
Lessons Things are not looking good as Daria and John begin driving lessons. Jake's too nervous, Helen is overworked on the exploding ketchup lawsuit, and then there's the old saying, "never try to teach a boyfriend/girlfriend how to drive".
Retouched Parents After the Morgendorffers cancel their island cruise vacation, Vincent Lane arrives in Lawndale. Despite his lack of contact with John over the previous eight months, he invites John to visit him and John's mother, Amanda, at the Ashfield arts colony.
Hear No Beauty, See No Beauty With the start of a new school year, Helen still insists that Daria and John have some kind of official after-school activity. Much to their annoyance, Ms. Li announces “Awareness of Others Week” that requires them to take on a second extracurricular activity.
Apocalypse Dance With the school dance approaching, Daria and John find themselves with several very unexpected commitments as John prepares the decorations and they prepare to double date with Kevin and Brittany.
Valuable Experiences Mr. O'Neill enters one of Daria's essays in a magazine contest and it wins second place. Much to her annoyance, one of the staff writers comes to Lawndale to present an award plaque.

The First Summer Series
Publicly Related Beginning of the First Summer series, set during the summer between seasons 2 and 3, Daria’s ‘useful activity’ assignment is to be an public relations intern with Helen’s law firm while Quinn is volunteered to work in a day care center.
Leading Example When the Brittany and the girls from the State Cheerleading Camp begin to attract more attention from the boys of Lawndale, the Fashion Club fights back, Meanwhile, Daria tries to survive the assault of shallow attraction.
Fun on the Fourth It's the Fourth of July in Lawndale. Helen and Jake want a family outing to the town celebration and Jodie is hosting her annual July Fourth party at the park. Sounds like a simple, fun day, right?
Driving Fear Daria’s beginning to learn to drive, much to Jake and Helen's horror. When they both refuse to ride with her again, who will Daria turn to for driving lessons?
Bored of the Dance It's Saturday morning with 57 channels and nothing on. Daria and Jane set out on a quest to find something to interesting to do, eventually ending up dodging the Fashion Club at the Lawndale Mall with Jodie and Mack and avoiding the children's talent show also there.
It’s Not All Bad With her boss backlogged on another case at the law firm, Daria is given principal responsibility for the public relations for a local business being threatened with a hostile takeover from a larger corporation.
Cruising Near the end of summer, Jake and Helen take SCUBA lessons for a family island cruise. A cruise everyone is looking forward to except Daria, who desperately wants to avoid it.

Daria Temporal Analysis Project An examination of short and long term time references in the series episodes, movies and books to help fanfiction writers. Includes event timelines based on different assumed years for the series run.