Robert Nowall

All You Outcasts In a bar on Dega Street, Daria learns her life, and fate, and future, weren't what they had seemed.
Christmas Morning Early Christmas morning, Jane gets a visit.
Stinkbutt Part Two Daria/NewsRadio crossover. A new intern comes to WNYX; meanwhile, Matthew is posting fan fiction on the ĎNet.
Condition Sandi Griffin is sick; you can take that so many ways.
Outcast Castaways What if the gang from "Daria" were stranded on "Gilliganís Island"? As the castaways from Lawndale High grow more and more pissed off with each other, Daria starts to worry...
Chance Meeting on Dega Street A poem about a bittersweet reunion.
Heart's Desire: A Tale of the End of the World Ever wonder why nothing on "Daria" ever changes much?
North to Alaska, South to Lawndale Trent learns a lesson in the Latest Great Alaska Gold Rush.
Night of the Living Doll The horrible accident ten-year-old Tiffany suffered was only part of the story...
Lost Girl Found A story in which the events of "The Teachings of Don Jake" ended in tragedy, not comedy...but didnít actually end there...
Boxing Daria 2 A play in one act, and perhaps a more appropriate use of the title.
The Strange Loves of Anthony DeMartino Another year has gone by at Lawndale High, and saying goodbye proves particularly hard for one of the teachers and one of the students...
Flame A new boy in town learns how difficult a relationship with Quinn can be.
Next Time, This Time Who is this person having breakfast with the Morgendorffers?

Daria 2010
Destiny Deferred Ten years on in her life, Daria wonders why things didnít work out the way she thought they would.
A Meeting Of Two Minefields The collapse of Stacyís marriage is closely followed by the separation of Helen and Jake.
QB Ghost Why is Kevin Thompson haunting Daria?
The Judgement of Quinn When two of the three Jís blow back into Quinnís life, what will the one J she kept do about it?
The Treasure of Angela Li Daria meets up with yet another familiar face from the past...and Ms. Li, too.

Daria Fan Fiction and Me: An Uneasy Relationship? An essay on Robert's goals and involvement in the Daria fan fiction community.