Weenie Hut Jr.

The Daria Horror Picture Show It's a Daria parody of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So let's do The Spiral Warp again!!
Carry On Wayward Stacy Song parody. In tribute to Stacy Rowe, The Fashion Club parody Kansas' classic tune, Carry On Wayward Son.
Beavis and Butthead...Not! To the surprise of Jane, The Fashion Club, Brittany, Kevin, Jodie and Mack, Daria and Quinn reenact their Highland past by imitating the dim witted morons known as Beavis and Butt Head.
One Night In Lawndale Song parody. You've heard of One Night In Bangkok, sung by Murray Head? Here's the Daria parody.
For the Love of Quinn In a songfic based on Dan Fogelberg's Longer, Sandi is in love--with Quinn.
The Pledge of Alligence, Daria Style A new Pledge Of Alligence, set in Daria's world.
Scrap Iron Chef Daria competes on the Iron Chef show. Will she win?
The Brain & The Beauty
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Daria and Sandi....in love with each other? Impossible!! Or IS it? A PG13 version of the 5 chapter story.