by Crossada the White

"Hi-yo, Ess-yoo-vee-uh!"

(Dari-oop, oop, oop, oop-oop)
(Dari-oop, oop, oop, oop-oop)
There's a girl in the cartoons we all knew
She was born way back about '82
She got eyesight kinda like Mr. Magoo
She don't eat nuthin' but cookie dough and lasagna
Well, this chick's name is-a Dari-ah.

She got a chauffer that's a gen-yoo-wine law-er-yuh,
And she can insult you to your face before you count to fawruh.

She got big, black boots and a head fulla hairuh
Lampoons morons every-whereuh.
She's the most sarcastic chick alive
Wearin' clothes from c. 1985
She's the queen of the high school jive.
(Lookit that smart girl go!!)(SCREAM)

She rides through the suburbs on an SUV,
Runnin' over squirrels near-sightedly
Sendin' bull-dawgs runnin' for their safety.
The Fashion Club don't bug her cuz they know bettah
Cuz her wit can rip holes in their new sweatuhs.

She's the most vinegary virgin alive
Wearin' clothes from 1985
She's the queen of the high school jive
(Lookit that smart girl go!!)(Gaah!)

Thair she goes
She sure is ironic, ain't she?
Like, sardonic, man
She's too much
Ride, Daria, ride
Hi-yo, Ess-yoo-vee-uh
Ride, Daria, ride
Get 'em, girl
Like, Lawndale.