by Kemical Reaxion

[sung by Quinn, to the tune of "Stronger" by Britney Spears]

Ooo, yeah, yeah

Hush, just stop
There's no way you can be like me, baby
I've got the looks; I've got the style that you cannot copy, baby
You might think that I'm conceited, but you're wrong
It's true, I'm

Cuter than Tiffany
Even cuter than Sandi
Stacy Rowe ain't got nothin' on me
I'm a...

Beauty...magazines tell me what I should wear today
The boys at school think I'm cool
When we go out I never pay
You might think you're just as perfect, but you're wrong
No one is

Cuter than I can be
I count every calorie
And I make sure all my food is fat-free
I...I'm cuter

C'mon now
Oh yeah

Here I go, look at me
I'm your unattainable fantasy
Here I go, bounce with me
I always get my way, every single day

Here I go
Here I go
Here I go

Cuter than Tiffany
Stacy dresses up like me
While Sandi seethes in her own jealousy

Cuter than Brittany
Even Kevin flirts with me
And so do Joey, Jeffy, and J.D.
Cause I'm...

Cuter, as you can see
Miss Teenage Popularity
I'm the cutest girl on MTV

I...I'm cuter!