Infernal Quotes

In the midst of the turmoil of this big adventure, Daria runs across many of her favorite -- and not so favorite -- people. She encounters lots of weirdness, stupidity, and vanity...and that's just her sister. But, she also has a lot of interesting conversations. This game is filled to the brim with witty dialog. Below is a collection of memorable quotes from Daria's Inferno.

Daria: "I am strong. I am invincible. I am leaving."

Daria: "I learned that no matter where my mind may wander, there's no place like Lawndale. But Hell comes very close."

Doo Dad Shop Employee: "Here's your prize: a fan! Perfect to stare at while you wish you had your air conditioning!"

Daria: (to Brittany) "Now you're free to romp and play with the rest of the wood-head creatures."

Trent: (singing) "Go to the bathroom, gotta go there now. This song's about the where and when. Forget the why and how."

Jake: "A leg hair on my razor! I've got to put this on my face! My FACE!!!"

Daria: "I've got to find a number two pencil on Degas Street? A crayon, I can see, but a pencil? No."

Brittany: "I can't come out. My hair makes me look too stupid."
Daria: "Something tells me the problem's under that hair."

Daria: (as giant eyeballs fly by the window) "Oh, I see. School was called off because of the weather. So, do I stay here or go out and play in the hallucination?"
Jane: (VO) "Daria....Daria Morgendorffer."
Daria: (speaks to skeleton poster on wall) "What do you want, Mr. Ugly Painting?"
Jane: (appears in the poster in place of the skeleton) "That's Ms. Ugly Painting, thank you very much."
Daria: "Jane?"
Jane: "Last time I tried that with a Picasso and wound up with one of my eyes on my butt."

Jane: "Remember, I am with you. Unless I find something else to do or you start whining."

Daria: (holding up cowbell) "Look, Andrea. I think this will annoy your parents much more than a pencil."
Andrea: (with a pencil in her nose) "That is irritating! Perfect." (removes pencil) "It was hard to write with my face anyways." (puts in cowbell)
Daria: "And wait'll you hear the noise it makes when you sneeze."
Andrea: "It's driving me nuts already. It completely rocks!"