Mystik Spiral:
Songs in Fan Fiction

Mystik Spiral has made many appearances in fan fiction. And, when they do, music is sure to follow. Here is a collection of Mystik Spiral songs exlusive to fan fiction. (lyrics below are arranged alphabetically by fic title)

"Best Years of Our Lives, Revisited" by John Berry

How can it be?
The hu-man-it-y.
Before I could leave you, you left me.
What can I do
With no grounds to sue?
I lost half of my possessions to you...
Including my heart...

I've had enough
Of all the stuff
That causes me to lose my love.
You took my heart,
Ripped it apart.
This stinks worse than whenever you [interrupted by Jane]

"Brainwashed" by Wouter Jaegers

Emotional Scar

As I saw you walking by I was thinking again.
well there you go with your new boyfriend.
But wasn't I the one who made you who you are,
and now our love is just an emotional scar.

Tell me what did I do that made you treat me this way,
didn't we make a vow to be honest 'till our dying days?
Now here am I just sitting at the bar,
so you injured me with an emotional scar.

"Cinderfella" by Kemical Reaxion


The water's stale and stagnant
In the puddles of your soul
The promises you made to me
Are choked by scum and mold

Your love infests my body
And spreads like Beijing flu
I'd rather have the Black Death
Than spend my time with you

Gangrene, gangrene
Eat my heart like a wolverine
Your morning breath
Is worse than death
Your love is like gangrene

"_Daria_(the movie)" by Aaron Solomon (ben Saul Joseph) Adelman

Behind My Eyelids
[this is an extended version of the song]

As lashes close
I see my woes
Spread out like a carpet of bugs.
In absence of light
Pass visions of night
And shallow graves left halfway dug.

Behind my eyelids
Is a world you cannot see,
A place that's just for me
Behind my eyelids.

You watch a tear.
It trickles clear
And glistens on my skin.
My liquid pain,
Oh, would profane.
Please, baby, let me in.

Behind my eyelids
Everything's always low.
I'm left in an eerie limbo
Behind my eyelids.

I can't abide
No place to hide.
I'm exposed to what is true
Here on the floor
I call out, "More!"
But know I won't get through.

Behind my eyelids
I've hit low altitude,
And nothing's helping my mood
Behind my eyelids.

The walls close in.
The ice gets thin.
In my own reality.
I'm left alone.
I have no home.
I'm a psychic refugee.

Behind my eyelids
Is a world you cannot see,
A place that's just for me
Behind my eyelids.

Icebox Woman
[this an extended version of the song]

You're the Devil in black,
And you sure have a knack
For putting my heart on the shelf in the back.
I'm waiting my turn.
Oh, when will I learn?
My poor heart, you're giving it freezer burn!

Icebox woman--
Can't you leave me alone?
Icebox woman--
Can't you quit and go home?
Icebox woman--
Oh, what deed did I do--
Icebox woman--
To meet someone like you?

You've filled me with strife
Every day of my life
Since we met. Who would want you for a lover or wife?
'Cause fair or unfair,
Oh, why would you care
When losing the game is more than you can bear?

Icebox woman--
Can't you leave me alone?
Icebox woman--
Can't you quit and go home?
Icebox woman--
Oh, what deed did I do--
Icebox woman--
To meet someone like you?

All I had you have taken.
My foundations are shaken.
Oh, when from the glitter berries shall I awaken?
And I must be sincere
With the end very near
And ask: can you tell me for what reason you're here?

Icebox woman--
Can't you leave me alone?
Icebox woman--
Can't you quit and go home?
Icebox woman--
Oh, what deed did I do--
Icebox woman--
To meet someone like you?


I'm glad you're happy inflicting my pain,
Leaving skid marks on the roads of my brain.
We had no love scene, but you've cut to the chase.
You're biting off my nose to spite my face.

Ow, my nose! Ow, my face!
Ow, my nose! Ow, my face!
Ow, my nose! Ow, my face!
Ow, my nose! Ow, my face!

You've hijacked my brain, like a moth to a flame.
If you don't release me, then I'll leave the same.
It's my private Hell, where I roast in my shell.
This moth's gotta fly or else go crazy as well.

Ow, my nose! Ow, my face!
Ow, my nose! Ow, my face!
Ow, my nose! Ow, my face!
Ow, my nose! Ow, my face!

You've carved crop circles in my soul's waves of grain.
If I were to linger, it would be really lame.
One of us has to yield. Care to forfeit the game?
I'm calling all bets. You're driving me insane!

Ow, my nose! Ow, my face!
Ow, my nose! Ow, my face!
Ow, my nose! Ow, my face!
Ow, my nose! Ow, my face!

"Eternal Damnation" by SUSU

So this is hell
A padded cell
My skin remembers oh too well
what will the band
do without Trent
Whoīs corpse does prolly smell?

Iīll spend eternity
In close boundaries
I lived my life right on the edge
So thisīs what you get
For never being fat
And getting laid behind the hedge

"The Highland Invasion" by DT Dey

Little Runaway

Mariannie ran away,
from her life she could not stay.
'Cuz the way her Dad would play,
made her want to chuck her pay.

It wasn't that he tried to touch her
where she didn't want it.
(But) He scared the boys so much,
They wouldn't touch her at all.

So she ran away from home,
and she started turning tricks,
with some tramp who looked like Dawn Wells,
back in 1966...

Both wide-eyed and innocent
just waiting for their men.
'Til they saw a fine young handsome narc.
Who threw them in the pen...

(guitar solo)

Now you'd think a holding cell
was the first place they'd get laid.
But the prisoners dicked themselves so much,
Attention wasn't paid,
to that sweet virile virgin,
from far off Brenton Woods...
[interrupted by a fight caused by Todd's gang]

"I Fought the Mall and the Mall Won" by SUSU

Depressing Landscape

I keep breaking the walls but the building wonīt crash
I keep myself alive but I still ainīt got cash
I keep calling you daily but you treat me like trash

I canīt escape
depressing landscape

I keep building the bridge but you just tear it down
I keep thinking about you but canīt figure it out
I keep buying some bacon but I could do without

I canīt escape
depressing landscape

I keep shooting the cat but it just wonīt drop dead
I keep freezing the lawn but it will heat up instead
I keep eating the pie but it just drives me mad

I canīt escape
depressing landscape
I canīt escape
depressing landscape
canīt escape
because thereīs no way
I canīt escape
depressing landscape

"Jane Lane's Diary" by Ruthless Bunny

Sprinkler Girl

Going out into the yard
Resetting the timer
Remembering is oh so hard
For something that is so minor

Conserving all that water
Is important to the birds
It's vital when it's hotter
Nature needs more than empty words

Sprinkler girl I love the way
You turn the water off today
Sprinkler girl save the Earth
Help the land with her rebirth.

"Lovers' Lane" by John Berry

She'd be a venus flytrap if she could be a flower-ya.
If she was a mosquito she'd like to spread malaria.
But she doesn't act like a dope, even on a dare-ia.
And that describes Daria.

"North Star" by Wouter Jaegers

Arctic Storm

And out came the storm, defying all means of a norm.
the sky turned all black when you came and stabbed my back.
and the rain came falling when the end came calling.

The thunder roared and the lightning flashed,
when our love and our hate finally crashed.
the tidal wave will come but I will know when.
It will flood my psyche when you will leave me again.

and the rain came falling when the end came calling.

"Outcast Castaways" by Robert Nowall

I hate your lips, I hate your eyes
I hate your potatoes and I hate your fries
I hate your feet, I hate your head
I wish that everyone was dead!

Trent / Jesse / Nick:
I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

I hate your back, I hate your front...

[Daria cut him off then. I figured everybody could fill in the rest themselves...]

"Quinn Started It" by Heather Murphy

Trent (singing): I'll kill that jerk
I'll go beserk
I'll sever his head
He's better off dead
Your life, Upchuck
I don't give a f-

Quinn: Trent!

"Silly Rabbit, Matrix Are For Kids!" by John Berry

Threaded from the ground below to the rafters above,
Carefully you weave your deadly web of love!
You're a black widow! Not just an Eensy Weensy Spider!
Everyday the poison in your fangs gets just a little higher!

"Son of Pad" by NomadX

This is for a girl that we all know

Short riff

'specially all you guys in the shipping co.

Short riff

kissed all the fools and made them cry
Now it's my turn to die


"Sweet Child of Mine" by Wouter Jaegers


Our love is bouncy, it sends me right across the room.
And I like this feeling when it kills my usual gloom.

Because our love goes boing, whenever we're together.
Our love just bounces me around when I'm with you.
Our love goes boing, when you appear in leather.
And hurting me is the best that you can do.

"Trent Lane's Lyrics Notebook" by RuthlessBunny & medea42

Junker Love Blues

I've got a 10-30 weight love for ya baby,
It flows through me in cold weather.
I've got a 10-30 weight love for ya baby,
It flows through me in cold weather.
With your love to keep me warm
I won't freeze up, as long as we're together.

I've got a Premium love for ya baby,
You clean my injectors straight out.
I've got a Premium love for ya baby,
You clean my injectors straight out.
With that high octane love honey,
I can give you my all, without a doubt.

I've got a fast lane love for ya baby,
Need more than one, to ride down the road.
I've got a fast lane love for ya baby,
Need more than one, to ride down the road.
If I didn't have ya baby, Cops just might have me towed.

The Munchies

I am oppressed by the need to possess you.
The hunger of it weighs on my days like dew
On blades of grass, stooped in glades at dawn.
I dreamt you slept beside me, you are gone.

My thoughts are knots of pleasure and pain.
Intense and relentless like winter rain.
If the rains, my memories drain and chill.
As I conserve you, my reserves warm and fill.

My urge to touch you surges, like the tide
Beats a rock smooth. It won't soothe or be denied.
I can't deny the ache to wake in your arms.
Or dream of your kiss without bliss that warms.

My fears are such that I have come to suspect,
That I am doomed to love you in retrospect.

Love Song to Daria: Lady or the Writer

Her poison pen
Could be the end
of what I think of as career
When she says when
I jump again
She's filled me with her fear

She's the lady or the writer
Chick behind those glasses
Will she like the music here
or will she bust our asses?

I'm grooving to a heavy beat
Channeling some zone
But she's displeased, word on the street
Our music makes her groan
O wicked writer, we're confused
Tell us how to keep you amused!

We're waiting for her printing date
Calling on her mercy
Writing tiger! Seal our fate
With kind words or her cursing
Hey you with the glasses on
End our torture, hear this song!

Dreams and Fate

It would be so good,
Summer's warmth all year long,
If I knew where I stood,
I would make you my private song.
Sing you all day if I could.

In your arms a slow dance,
Yet the time goes so fast.
This long distance romance,
It was fun at first, will it last,
Longer than a hungry glance?

When we are together,
Time stops and disappears.
It seems like fair weather
But is it just a storm that clears
Like when you wipe away my tears?

I'm not the type to wait.
If it's love, then let me,
Go all out. Demonstrate.
If it's not, then please forget me,
Leave me captivated by love and fate.


All alone, wanton, willing and wild
I had wanted to be your friend
Whisper soft words to your wicked child

Bodies shimmering, hearts beguiled
We lay together intertwined
Alone together, wanton, willing and wild.

In our own parking lot exiled
to punishing love I am resigned
Whisper soft words to your wicked child

In loving you , I can't be mild
Gentle, quiet, reserved, refined.
My love I'm wanton, willing and wild.

Our twin stars have met, fate has smiled.
We found each other, though often blind,
So whisper soft words to your wicked child.

I love you madly, badly, with all that's wild.
I'll leave my old self and life behind.
I'm not alone, but wanton, willing and wild.
Lover, whisper soft words to your wicked child.

Who the Hell are the Joneses?

I've got my car, my lawnmower
My VCR and DVD
I think back to the good ol' days
When all I wanted was my MTV

It's all to keep up with the Joneses
They must live on the next block
Who the hell are the Joneses?
Why do they make this junk rock?

Now I have this credit card
To buy stuff on the net
Bill Gates is like some avatar
That dork is rich and I'm upset

Some weird guy living down the street
He owns all this stuff, too
I think when he and I finally meet
We'll have a TV remote duel

Mistress Dark as Night

Napoleon, Waterloo
I have enslaved myself to you
Bound to you in sweetnes and in pain,
Mistress I worship you in vain.

You have bound me hand and foot.
My skin anticipates your leather boot.
My tongue is stopped, unable to speak.
Train me in the obedience you seek.

Lovingly correct my faults
Expolre my darkest, secret vault
Mark my weak flesh with your whips
Temper the stings with your red lips.

I ache to be the instrument of you pleasure.
Find my ecstasy in your buried treasure.
Sacred rituals I practice and learn
When you play with fire you must savor the burn.

Unworthy, Worthless
I wait for your direction
I love my service
I love your perfection


You whine about your girlfriend
And you nag me about mine
You're bitching that you're broke
And hate that you're working overtime

It's all bla bla bla
In one ear and out the other
One more word and I want to smother

So I'm stuck inside this blender
While you're pushing on frappe'
I'm ready for a bender
If you've any more to say

Now I'm ready for a road trip
or a head trip or a skip trip
Whatever trip it takes, man
To get you off my case!

What's the point?

Who needs a job and who needs a car?
We're all gonna die anyway
Might as well shoot to be a star
It's not like it matters anyway

Early to bed, early to rise
What the hell are you thinking?
It's the night that holds all surprise
Waves of conformity sinking

Screw being happy
Forget actualized
I'm better drunk than sappy
It's bullshit no matter how it's disguised

I'll just sleep through the day
Watch my life piss away
Sing all night, forget what's right
Fuck a normal life!

Angst for Sale

I want to be your guiding light
Your candle set aflame
Extending now your second sight
Follow me to fame

Embrace the pain
and sell your soul
Your angst a gain
A whine-filled bank roll

Just follow me to get your wish
Ask no questions, ask no lies
With your screaming I've taught you to fish
Share with me the prize

Angst girl, Angry woman
Middle class oh so tortured
Let me lead you through a maze
Dive into your haze

Motor oil

Yet again the gears have jammed
A standoff fight with you in charge
My reputation has been slammed
You're ready for my discharge

Just like motor oil
Forget about me 'til I'm gone
Serve as comic foil
How long will this go on?

Where do we head
How long til we need gas?
Or now am I a dog sled
Still in check, why do we last?

Transmission's out
The tires are shot
Just scream and shout
What else have we got?

Uterine Testimonial

Since I left your womb
I've lived life in a tomb
From birth to this wasteland, waiting for death
every time I inhale it's closer to my dying breath

dear Mom, life is great
Since you left me alone
Since you left me to my fate
Drifing, never tossed me a bone

Nothing warm, northing pleasant
You forgot my tenth birthday present
Ran into my tent, you never knew
Came in six months later and nothing to show

When will you invite me in?
Hey mom, where have you been?
Thanks to you my home's a grave
Filled with conformity's corpses to save

Doing Our Best

Be all you can be
Even if it's not too much
Live, wild and free
Even if the pizza guy's is the only life you touch

Trapped in this space
Can't change the channel

curled -unfurled
Rip off my face -- more powerful
Rip off the panel

To tell the truth
There is no hope
You'll see the proof
in night time soaps

We all live in this zone
Do our best
We're all really alone
So put it to rest!

I Need an Eraser

Sometimes I feel liked I'm trapped in a cartoon
Waiting for the anvil to fall
Or the fifty foot harpoon
to play past me, stick out of the wall

If this ain't real
I need an eraser
I want more to feel -
bartender, give me a chaser!

Bright, bright colors of daylight and ink
I keep my eyes closed
My own thoughts are not what I think
Did I become a drawing as I dozed?

So is there some god in some dimension
Planning my moves
Forcing my transgressions?
I just want to groove

Naked Truth

Baby, can't believe you -
Baring your body to me
Maybe I could relieve you
If there weren't far more than I want to see

Naked truth
Bare your soul
All the proof
For rock 'n' roll

Truth and Lies took the plunge
Into the river of knowledge
Lies go out, and like a sponge
Clothed him in colors like Truth's college

Bad enough you muddy the water
By taking pretty clothes away
Like a sheep led to the slaughter
I avert my eyes, hope lights go out while I pray

Foot in my mouth

I didn't mean to tell you
That my ex was back in town
And I never should have mentioned
The way things all went down
I just thought it was better than just slipping in my bed
Now I have to live with this tension

Chorus: Foot in my mouth
Boot to my head
It's all gone south
Wish I were dead

the ugly hat, the neon lights, the beer
Maybe they're to blame
Maybe I got choked by loneliness and fear
I think I'll wallow in my shame
It was just a one-night, a woman with a tear
A moment to capture before fame

And dude if I'd have known
That I'd hooked up with your Mom
I'd have changed my tone
and I'd totally be gone!

To Helen

I know you think I'm lazy
And I pretend not to hear
You think my dreams are crazy
I haven't learned your fear

Slacker, hacker, grunger boy
Call me that but I'm no toy!
I'm wild and dark and living free
You can't lay your claim on me!

It looks to you like I lie around
Some of that is true
But I've got good plans layed aground
I'm gonna see this through

When things finally happen
Lady, where you gonna be?
In the audience clapping
Or still looking down on me?

Bleeding for you
[by Trent / Nicholas]

Like a car with broken defrost
My heart bleeds for you
I'm glad to see you get lost
All of this is through!

I'm sick of this crap
I'm out of this trap
How could you do this to me?

The stuff about you needing friends
Was all just a red herring
Because of you I've got the bends
Yeah, that toilet's really daring

Now you're crying about your crabs
Well yipee-fucking-yee
I'm still hurting from the scabs
You didn't TELL me STD!!!

Delicious Heartache

I didn't know what was at stake
You were a number I wrote on my hand
But now I'm deep within a glorious mistake
Bewitched, dazzled, defenseless and damned.

Savor this delicious heartache
Sleeping above the plane of dreams
Deep in love with you before I wake
And nothing is as easy as it seems

I wish I knew you like I know,
My love for you. Deep in my mind,
Obsession took hold and grew.
Leaving only my dreams behind.

Savor this delicious heartache
Sleeping above the plane of dreams
Deep in love with you before I wake
And nothing is as easy as it seems

And when I die alone. (We all die alone.)
Heaven will be like home.
I know it seems peculiar.
Comfortable, familiar
Like this love I feel
Sweet, ethereal, unreal.

Savor this delicious heartache
Sleeping above the plane of dreams
Deep in love with you before I wake
And nothing is as easy as it seems

Dark and Stormy night

It's a dark and stormy night
Yet somehow we're together
Huddled here just right
Facing down the weather

Another nightmare, this affair
It's never ending
We kiss, we hate, we seperate
No one ever bending

Yet in the rain I'm still alone
With you right by my side
My thought to you remain unknown
True feelings are denied

I'd hop a train or catch a flight
You'd find me anyway
A never-ending stormy night
No breaking hope of day

"Zenned Out" by Ben Breeck

Devil's Poker

Trent: If you want a good time, they make you play the game
Don't matter wherever you go, the rules are all the same

Jesse and Max: (In Chorus) Devil's Poker!

Trent: They want you now but just by their rules
And nay sayers they all are wussies and fools

Jesse and Max: (In Chorus) Devil's Poker!

All: Devil's Poker, Deal Me In
Devil's Poker, Hit Me Again
Devil's Poker, Raise Me By Nine
Devil's Poker, Leave Me Without a Dime

Trent: He's dealing a deck of nothin' but jokers, cause we're playing Devil's Poker!