"On three everyone, "I love doo-dads!" One, two, three..."

No names given. Employees at the Doo-Dad shop in the Mall of the Millennium.

When Daria became their 10,000th customer, the employees of the Doo-Dad shop gave her a cheer, a song, and an armload of Doo-Dads. They also took a photo for posterity, with the result that a life-size image of Daria and her Doo-Dads now graces the front of the store. It's worth mentioning that what a "Doo-Dad" actually *is* is never quite made clear.

One of the Doo-Dad employees is based on Brian Moyer, layout artist for the show (the heavyset one).  Also, the tall, slim man with the goatee is director Guy Moore.


First Appearance: Malled