"Why don't we see whether you get in to Grove Hills before we start listening to your opinions?"

Grove Hills student. No last name known.

Graham is conceited and elitist, much like his friends (Cassidy, Lara) at Grove Hills. He measures people's worth by their IQ score, and refuses to associate with anyone he feels is not up to his intellectual standards. He has a 165 IQ.

He harbors resentment toward those of lesser intellect partly (perhaps mostly) because he was the subject of ridicule during his time in public school, where a quarterback made fun of him for showering in a towel.

One of Grahams goals in life is to make over a million dollars and walk down the beach on the Riviera with a model on each arm.

Upon realizing what a jerk he is, Jodie gives Graham a severe tongue-lashing before leaving him alone with his equally jerk friends.


First Appearance: Gifted