"So what we're really talking about is a lens of fiscal focus concentrating the diffused light of our students' discretionary spending into a laser beam of economic clout."

Advertising agent.

Mr. Lamm approaches Ms. Li with a solution to her budget woes - he offers an exclusive contract for Lawndale High to advertise and sell Ultra Cola on school grounds. While his initial spiel is heavy on benefits for Lawndale High (and completely snows Ms. Li over) he later begins to apply pressure to Ms. Li to sell more and more soda, until the amount of advertising present in the school reaches absurd proportions. It becomes clear very quickly that Mr. Lamm is far more interested in representing the soda company than he is in Lawndale High - after all, Ultra-Cola gives him his paycheck.

Eventually, Superintendent Cartwright steps in and drastically reduces the amount of advertising in the school. How this affects Mr. Lamm and his contract is not known.


First Appearance: Fizz Ed