"Hey, look around, Daria. Everybody's so busy being their own best friend; maybe they should try buddying up to the people they brought into the damn world, who never asked to be born."

No last name given. One of the campers at Mr. O'Neill's "It's OK To Cry Corral" day camp.

Link is an angry and depressed child. He hates his father for being a jerk and hates his mother for divorcing him and marrying an even bigger jerk. It is not entirely clear exactly what it is that Link's parents do to make him so angry.

When Daria first encounters Link, she is struck by the fact that he has zero motivation and that he is so full of barely repressed anger that he can hardly function. She is eventually compelled by her conscience to try and reach out to him, with mixed results - Link seems more willing to talk to her than anyone else, but that still isn't saying much.

Link gets exasperated with O'Neill fairly early on, and when speaking to him in a one-on-one session, completely rips into O'Neill for being such a loser who doesn't have the slightest idea what he's doing. After his outburst with O'Neill, he begins to warm up slightly to Daria, but that is ruined when O'Neill shows up and leaves the impression that he put Daria up to it (which isn't true). Link refuses to speak any further to Daria, even after she explains that O'Neill didn't in fact put her up to anything.

Since Link's first personal question to Daria is what kind of books she likes to read, it can be surmised that Link is something of a reader himself.

Daria is very upset over this development, until she receives a brief letter from Link inviting her to get back in touch with him. Further developments in Link's life are unrevealed.


First Appearance: Is It Fall Yet?