"There aren't any ponies. It's two people."

Lawndale High School Psychologist.

Ms. Manson speaks with a patronizing tone that only kindergarten teachers, dental hygienists, and school psychologists seem to have. Based on how she gets Daria's name wrong only seconds after having it repeated back to her, Ms. Manson isn't much for actually listening to her students, but rather goes through the motions of offering standard psychological tests. This doesn't work too well on Daria, who plays a game of deliberately misunderstanding the point of the tests and offering meaningless answers that serve to frustrate Ms. Manson - who assigns Daria to Mr. O'Neill's self esteem course (perhaps in retaliation).

It may be noteworthy that she has a Rubik's cube on her desk.

Ms. Manson was once seen sitting next to Ms. Li at a Lawndale High football game, and was also part of the teacher's strike during Daria's senior year.


First Appearance: Esteemsters