No name known. In fact, nothing at all is known.

This character exists - that is all that is certain - but has been mysteriously inconspicuous for all but the last few weeks that Daria attended school at Lawndale High.

Shortly before "Is It College Yet?" was aired, MTV held an online trivia contest, the winner of which would be drawn into the movie. Presumably, someone won that contest, and thus became a Daria character.

It has been theorized that the winner is the girl with long brown hair who is featured prominently on four different occasions in "Is It College Yet?" - once at the very beginning, once sitting in Pizza King, once in a movie theater (with a date), and - most convincingly - sitting next to Jane in the graduation ceremony. Since this girl was never shown in any previous episode and is suddenly appearing in such a position, it is safe to say that this is the contest winner.

However, no one has stepped forward online claiming to be this person. Therefore, we have no name to go with the face. If you claim to be the Mystery Character of "Is It College Yet?" I would love to add your name to the database. I will accept the following as proof:

(1) A picture that shows you to resemble the girl described above to such an extent as to leave little question about the matter (unless I get two such pictures from different people - then I'll need something else).

(2) A copy of some kind of official letter saying you are the winner (since I won a minor prize in the same contest, I know what official stationery from MTV looks like, so don't bother trying to counterfeit anything)

(3) A copy of a sheet that shows your character in a variety of poses - the sort of thing any animated show uses to indicate how the character should be drawn.

(4) Anything else you can think of that offers proof.

So… any takers?


First Appearance: Is It College Yet?