November 21, 2004


Deref & Thea Zara
All My Children: Chapter 10
All My Children: Chapter 11
All My Children: Chapter 12

The Iron Cynic Series
Updated: One Day is All I Ask
The Steel Jaguar God Battle Oxidiser X Series
Updated: Critical Mass

Save the Nauga's Hide
The Longest Year
A Tail of Two T's

Moon Over Daytona

Psycho Tol
Living Dead Girls

Richard Lobinske
Falling Into College
Days of Expression
Flaming the Fans
Can This Be Spring?
The Spirals Are Coming!

Steven Galloway
Return Engagement: Chapter 3

The Angst Guy
Almost Strangers in the Night
Dark of Hearts
Driving Miss Daria
More Than Just Lost
The Morgendorffer Code
One More River to Cross
Prisoner of Hope
Where No Light Breaks, Where No Sea Runs

Fan Art

Richard Lobinske
(formerly S. Red)
Karen Myersen. Daria's roommate at Raft. ["Boarding the Raft" by Richard Lobinske]
Cecelia Czernicki. Jane's roommate at BFAC. ["Holiday Breaks" by Richard Lobinske]
Michael Fulton. Daria's boyfriend at Raft.> ["Home For Thanksgiving" by Richard Lobinske]
Daria and Michael's reconciliation ["Seeking Hearts" by Richard Lobinske]


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