Rhymes With Lane
A new Mystik Spiral song
by Wouter Jaegers

On the road we find what's our gain.
And along comes my kid sister Jane
And if she married Guy...Jane Lane Payne!
That would just be Insane, and Inane!
Insayne? Inayne? In the brayne?

And my bandmembers all feel the strain.
Saying "This thread's going down the drain..."
The strain and the pain to rhyme with "Lane"
It's kinda mundane...

It's profane how you strain. Not again!
Singing the refrain, standing in the rain...
I can't explain...
Hey, look! It's Frasier Crane!

Too much information. "That's too urbane..."
As we ride "My soul's waves of grain..."
The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain
My kid sister knows a girl who's very vain

We will probably never ride the trains in Spain...
corn is a grain, it grows on the plain
'cause it's flat terrain, they did explain...
Hey Jesse, Have we mined out this vein?

Oh no, it's hijacked my brain!
Good dinner and to wash it down, champaigne?
And put on that album called "Purple Rain"
And listen on the plane to Bahrain...
Which flies on high Octane...

All this time while remembering Kurt Cobain.