Kara Wild

Abruptly Amy
(The Spinoff That...Was)
Prepare yourself for the take-over. Amy Barksdale, AKA "The Cool Aunt," is getting her own TV show, and it's not going to be pretty! Offsite link to the entire A.A. series. A collaboration of multiple fanfic authors.
They Came from Planet Xulfanex... Quinn learns that her math teacher, Mr. Phelps, is an alien... and from there things only get crazier, as she and Daria discover the truth about their family origins. A "B-movie" fanfic set in the Driven Wild Universe (a few weeks after "Memory Road"), but not part of the Driven Wild Universe continuum.
I Don't (The Aftermath) Amy recalls what happened after she and Daria left the Wedding from Hell for cheese fries. A scene originally cut from "All But Forgotten."

The Driven Wild Universe
Driven Wild Universe Primer A list of Driven Wild Universe facts, characters, and fanfic summaries for newbies and those who want to get reaquainted with the series. Newbies beware: The fanfic summaries contain spoilers.
Rose-Colored Lenses Quinn visits the eye doctor and discovers that she needs glasses, finding her identity, popularity, and vice-presidency in jeopardy.
The Tie That Chokes Aunt Amy makes a visit to the Morgendorffer residence. Things start off pleasant enough, but how long will THAT last?
That Thing You Say After having a fight with Helen, Daria comes face-to-face with those three little words that are so difficult to say.
'Shipped Out Trent gets a new girlfriend and Daria is forced to re-evaluate her feelings for him. Not your typical 'shipper fic!
Andrea Speaks! Daria and Andrea start hanging out, and Quinn finds her own unique way of handling her Fashion Club problems.
Cheered Down Quinn becomes head cheerleader and receives instant acceptance, but pays the price for it.
None In The Family
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The Morgendorffers visit Helen's mother for her 50th Anniversary party. Toss Rita and Amy into the mix, shake well, and watch the whole househould explode.
Outvoted Jane is nominated to run against Sandi for Student Council President. And when the campaigning starts, the fur starts flying!
Of Absolute Value Quinn is discovered to have a talent for math but must work to pull her grades up. Jake, wanting to be a more involved parent, decides to help her.
Breaking The Mold Daria and Helen, as part of a bet, get involved in the school paper and art class, respectively. Both are met with obstacles they must strive to overcome.
Surreal World Daria finds herself and six other Lawndale students stuck in a cheap rip-off of the "Real World." Find out what happens when people stop being polite and...oh, forget it. You know the drill!
Erin The Head Daria's cousin Erin and husband have seperated and Erin seaks refuge at the Morgendorffers'. After Daria finds out that Erin has a crush on Trent, things get interesting!
Primarily Color After Jodie becomes the victim of racial slurs, her parents take action against the school, prompting a strict "zero tolerance" approach to racism at LHS.
Charge Of The Math Brigade After Quinn pulls her math grade up to passing level, her math teacher signs her up for the Mathletics team. Is she up for the challenge?
An Uneasy Marriage Jake's jealousy over Helen's friendship with her male art teacher brings some serious marital issues to the surface. Meanwhile, Jake befriends DeMartino and helps him deal with his problems with Mr. Phelps.
In Her Own Words Daria joins the underground newspaper. As her newfound friends suck her deeper into their world, Daria must determine for herself who she can and cannot trust as she struggles to do the right thing.
All But Forgotten After stress over work and family cause Helen to reach a breaking point, she flees to the one person whom she feels she can trust. Meanwhile Daria and Quinn try to find out what Jake has been up to.
Memory Road Helen flees to Amy's place for awhile to work out her feelings about her marriage, leaving Daria and Quinn at home to deal with Jake.
Into The Fire As she and Quinn adjust to the painful realities of their parents' separation,Daria grows to suspect that Quinn's math teacher, Mr. Phelps, has malevolent plans for her sister.
Tomorrow Never Knows In the final episode of the series, Daria's suspicions of Phelps threaten to derail her future and shatter her relationship with Quinn.

On The Subject of Quinn and Rape Discusses the rape genre of Daria fan fiction.
The Unflappable Jane Lane How well do we REALLY know Jane?
Amy: Saint or Chimera? Questions the trend in fanfics to portray Amy as Daria's friend and mentor.
The Helen - Jane - Jodie Connection Points out the startling similarities between the three "most sensible people in Daria's life."
The Off-Canon Approach Deals with the off- versus on-canon approach to fan fiction. An essay ALL fanfic authors (and readers) should look at.