Ranger Thorne

Rockabye Sweet Baby Jane Daria learns her best friend once had a baby, just in time for the father to return and try to claim it. Or is it the baby he wants?
The Gem and the Sword Daria learns that prophecy can come true and that her origins are tied to those of a Goth hero named Raven. Crossover with animated Teen Titans.

Cynical Symphonies
Introducing Daria Morgenbunny Daria has a rough time with an animator.
Passive-Aggressive and Armed, Oh My Daria Morgenbunny and her friend, Jane "Rabbit" Lane encounter a pair of hunters.

Daria's Web
Once Bitten On a rooftop in New York, Daria tells of how she came to be on the run from the law, and how she received her spider-powers.

Daria / Star Wars
Padawan Lane After training as a Padawan, Jane is nearly her Trials. But before she can do that, she has to survive a wild adventure through and above the streets of Coruscant.
Hard Truths, Cold Hearts Jedi Padawans Daria Morgendorffer and Jodie Landon stumble upon a raid on Sienar Fleet Systems. Now, they must stop the intruders and discover the secret of Darth Frost.
Not Every Happy Ending Is Now Jedi Knights, Daria, Jane, and Jodie must stop the source of the raids that are threatening the peace of the Republic: Quinn and her dark Master.
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When Darth Tyran uses Quinn to open a spatial rift, the Morgendorffer sisters reunite with Jane Lane and Mack and Jodie MacKenzie to save Earth, Lawndale, and an new family member from the evils of the Sith Lord and his new apprentice. (Special Guest: Angelinhel)
Special Feature: Beginnings Students from Lawndale High find themselves in a galaxy far, far away.