Thea Zara

Afternoon Delight A song fic-let dealing with an afternoon of passion.
Fangs for the Memories There are witches, vampires, ghosts, and various other creatures around us all the time. These creatures of the night have now come out to play... in Lawndale.
Seeking Trent Trent goes missing -- not unusual, except for the fact that he failed to tell anyone where he was going -- prompting Daria and Jane to go looking for him.
Warped Speed Captain A mini-fic-let puts Daria in an interesting predicament.
All My Children
A collaboration with Deref
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Set amongst the splendour of Buxton Ridge Military Academy and the visual magnificence of St Agnes's School for Young Ladies, this five part series explores the events that shaped the lives and the loves a young man and a young woman starting out on life's great adventure. You know how it ends - this is how it began.