"I am not a hoppy thing! I am a world-class balloonist!

No last name given. Danish balloonist.

Arno is in the employ of Terry Barry Barlow, and he resents it - partly because Barlow is a jerk, partly because Arno missed out on the chance to be the first balloonist to circumnavigate the globe nonstop.

Mostly, however, Arno is bitter because Barlow has stolen the credit for a heroic rescue in which a balloon was caught in an ice storm and Arno climbed up the balloon's envelope and tore open the rip panel with his teeth. For some reason, Barlow has been able to get away with claiming responsibility, even though Arno has the tooth damage to prove it was him.

He is inspired by Daria to be the first to fly around the world twice, and quits immediately to get started.


First Appearance: Of Human Bonding