"I've been face-to-face with Bengal tigers, Himalayan snow squalls, strange kids calling out 'Daddy!'"

Restaurateur who owns Pizza Forest among other ventures.

Terry Barry Barlow was the keynote speaker at a convention of entrepreneurs attended enthusiastically by Jake Morgendorffer, and less enthusiastically by Daria.

His autobiography is entitled "I Did It - Why Can't You?" and is unflinching about his many accomplishments (and, in some cases, untruthful about them). One of the anecdotes the book relates is the occasion upon which he supposedly saved his ballooning crew in an ice storm by climbing up the balloon and opening the rip panel with his teeth - though it was actually his crewman Arno who performed the deed.

Barlow's plans for the future include opening a new theme restaurant called "Alligator Alley" which will feature New Orleans cuisine and live alligator wrestling. Andrew Landon thinks this is a great idea - Daria disagrees.

An avid fan of ballooning, Barlow convinces Jake and Daria to join him for an early morning flight, even though Jake is afraid of heights and Daria just doesn't want to. Barlow ends up getting disgusted with his fellow balloonist Arno and goes sailing instead. It is unknown what his reaction is to Jake's subsequent accidental launching, brief solo flight, and crashing of his balloon, but since Barlow is a billionaire he can probably afford a replacement.

It is not known whether Barlow was ever married, but he does have children. He claims to have paid their mother a nice settlement.


First Appearance: Of Human Bonding